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December - First CutOff

747 Live

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Hello everyone,

I would like to remind you that 747 has been the first one to process the commission the same day and in less than one hour for all of his thousands agents.

However, we always indicate that the payout time is 5 days (it never took so long) because there might be technical difficulties arising.

For this cutoff, in fact, the commission of 16th Dec was including in the accounting.

For many agents this is a good news, because they received a bigger amount of commission.


Below the info for agents with negative commission on 16th Dec. (other agents must be happy :D)

For other agents, it is a bad news, because on 16th Dec their players won, so their commission was reduced. This doesn't change their monthly income, because it means that they will receive a higher commission on the second half of December.

However, because we want our agents be happy, we have set up a procedure for those agents to receive the commission as it was calculated from 1st to 15th Dec.

This means that the negative commission accrued on 16th December will be paid now, and it will be deducted on the second cutoff.


Your commission Dec 1-15 is 10,000 php.

Your commission on 16th is -6,000 php.

You received 4,000 php.

You will be able to request back the 6,000 php so your commission was paid as 1-15 Dec.

However your negative commission of -6,000 (16th Dec) is accounted at the next cutoff, so it will be deducted from your commission of the second cut off.

You can either choose to leave things as they are (you will earn faster on the next cutoff), or request for the advance of the negative commission.

You can contact our online support or speak with your top agent to give you more information.

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