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OGA Dota PIT: Team Liquid vs Alliance Dec 17 - 4AM

Mary C

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OGA Dota PIT: Team Liquid vs Alliance Dec 17 - 4AM

A game between Team Liquid and Alliance in the bottom bracket is a delightful surprise. We've reached the final match of OGA Dota PIT Europe/CIS Season 5's second playoff round.  


Team Liquid performed admirably in the DPC2021-22, but Team Secret outperformed them this season. As a result, we believe Alliance has a slight chance versus Team Liquid's reinforced prodigy lineup. Alliance should, at the very least, give Team Liquid a run for their money. Alliance's late-game tactics might be a pain for teams like Team Liquid, who like a fast-paced midgame. 


As an example, if Team Liquid plays aggressively their core mid-game phase, Alliance may have a chance of turning the game around. Alliance put on a good Medusa performance, despite losing to full Nigma. 


The status of OGA Dota PIT Europe/CIS Season 5 seems to be the only thing that could save Alliance from an ignominious exit. Even though the tournament isn't the most important thing, Nikobaby and the team are unsatisfying. 


We're trying to figure out if Alliance will stage a comeback and if they'll be able to win against Team Liquid in this match. 

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