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OGA Dota PIT: Team Spirit vs OG Dec 16 - 7PM

Mary C

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OGA Dota PIT: Team Spirit vs OG Dec 16 - 7PM


The fifth edition of the OGA Dota PIT gathered together eight of the best teams from Europe and the CIS for a historic combat. While also competing in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC 2021-22), the contenders were eager to take the challenge. It provides us another round of games to assess the strength of the powerhouses and determine which teams are deserving of our Dota 2 wagers. 


Only the most highly ranked superstars from the EU and CIS were invited to compete in the OGA Dota PIT Season 5. The duel between OG and Team Spirit will undoubtedly be thrilling to watch.  


While OG isn't the same as we remember it, the current generation of OG isn't actually that bad to watch. However, they are up against a team that was just crowned International 10 champions, putting OG at a significant disadvantage. 


Since TI10, Team Spirit has continued to deliver in the DPC 2021-22, showing no signs of slowing down. Team Spirit continues to extend their already broad hero pool, making them a difficult opponent to draft countermeasures against.  


This successfully forces every opponent they face to rely only on their performance in the game. 

Team Spirit will surely take this series to their advantage, but don't count out the new OG. We have seen many of their games, and they play a super aggressive style Dota. 

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