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DPC SEA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division 1 - Boom Esports vs Fnatic

Mary C

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DPC SEA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division 1 - Boom Esports vs Fnatic

Fnatic lost to SMG in Week 1 of the DPC SEA TOUR I but managed to bounced with a quick 2-0 victory over TNC, which is arguably the worst team in SEA as of the moment. 


If the match with TNC is crucial for self-confidence, then the fight with BOOM will be for critical points in the battle for the major.  


Last season, the new Fnatic team accomplished its primary goal of competing for TI10 via a challenging closed Asian qualifier. After the lads landed in Europe to rigorously train for the year's biggest event, they struggled in those games. 


Fnatic's performance in the major in Singapore and in the second DPC league was poor. Fnatic won the first Asian DPC league, but they lost twice at the major without a fight and were immediately eliminated from the playoff stage, getting 0 DPC points for their efforts. They were eliminated from the second league entirely, finishing fourth after falling in rematch to the Execration team. 


Following their qualifying performance, the boys competed in the BTS Pro Series Season 7: Southeast Asia, wherein they finished as the tournament's vice-champions. The Fnatic team was exceedingly tough to beat in Europe. It's tricky to assess the Asians' performance at TI10; they finished 9th to 12th, and were dismissed from the tournament in the second round of elimination, when they were defeated by current TI10 CHAMPIONS - Team Spirit. 


After The International 10, FNATIC announced roster adjustments, parting ways with ChyuaN and Deth. Armel, a former TNC Predator member, and Jaunuel, a former OB Neon Esports member, are the candidates for the role. 


BOOM Esports started the DPC SEA Tour I with a boom after winning back-to-back BTS Pro Series and Mineski Masters championships. With Tino as the newest member of the team, they easily defeated OB Neon 2-0 in their first match. 


BOOM Esports and FNATIC each have four Filipino players and one international player on their rosters. Interestingly, the offlaner position is the sole non-Filipino position on both teams, with BOOM Esports' Fbz from Indonesia and FNATIC's Jabz from Thailand, who previously played a support role. 


Which of these 2 teams will win? Let's find out later, and don't forget to place your bets with us at 747 

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