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SEA DPC Division I: T1 vs Team SMG | Dec 9 - 7PM

Mary C

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SEA DPC Division I: T1 vs Team SMG | Dec 9 - 7PM

The first DPC league of the 2021/22 season in Southeast Asia will resume on Thursday, December 9. The elite division's lone clash of the day will pit T1 against Team SMG. 


Last season, T1 had a successful campaign. They qualified for TI10, won a million dollars, and placed 7-9 in the biggest event of the year. The organization's top successes are all linked to League of Legends, however there has recently been considerable development in Dota 2. 


The group is complete, and why alter something if 23savage is leading and everyone is effectively assisting him? The T1 team is the undisputed Asian DPC winner and a participant in The International 10, which is already the best success in Dota 2 for this Korean organization. Carrie, the 23savage, has managed to find his crew and is prepared to take on the Asian DPC arena and the rest of the world. In the new season, this squad is the clear favorite in Southeast Asia, but it is critical that they continue to win. 


They defeated TNC 2-0 in round one, but they will battle the aggressive SMG, who thrashed Fnatic during the first week of the new DPC season. For the SEA leadership, this is a crucial game. 


Team SMG's debut game in the elite division was a resounding hit. It was a blast to beat Fnatic on two maps in less than 30 minutes. Now they'll be going against T1, a significant red-boss, and with such a game, SMG could astonish the TI10 competitor. 


Team SMG has a number of outstanding Malaysian players who could certainly improve any Tier-1 team in Southeast Asia, but they haven't been able to achieve the desired outcomes in the present stack. The nicknames MidOne and Moon have a lot of clout in the area. 


Some analysts predicted that this squad would dominate the Asian qualifiers for TI. This emphasizes the importance of exceptional characters in certain roles. However, after struggling to enter for the year's main competition, the lads continued to compete in a slew of low-level tournaments, occasionally kicking outright despair and even winning. 


For a long time, the team has been playing together. The sole adjustment just before start of the 2017 DPC season was the entrance of Raging Potato, the only Filipino in the league, who has competed in previous TIs and has primarily competed for Execration and Neon in recent years. Because this is the team's first participation in the Asian elite, it's tough to predict what awaits them in this league, but they must avoid being the weeping boys. 

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