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IEM XVI Winter: Team Vitality vs Gambit esports

Mary C

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IEM XVI Winter: Team Vitality vs Gambit esports

Only six teams are left in contention for the IEM XVI Winter title. G2 and Virtus.pro have already advanced to the semifinals, where they will face off against one other. The other four will compete in the quarterfinals for a place in the semifinals. The champion of GODSENT vs. NiP will face G2. The winner of Vitality vs. Gambit will face VIrtus.pro. 


This is essentially the semi-finals before the championship. Prior to the match, both teams were regarded as top picks. Now, one of them will advance to the final four, while the others will have to say their goodbyes. Which side will you be on? Let's figure out with the rest of our betting picks for Vitality vs. Gambit. 


This will be a tight battle.  In the history of these two, there have only been two head-to-head matches. On a more positive note, the most recent event took place barely 2 months ago on ESL Pro League S14. Vitality triumphed 2:0, then defeated OG in the quarterfinals, but fell short of dominating NaVi. The previous h2h was also in Vitality's advantage — it was IEM Summer, and ZywOo's lads triumphed 2:0 on Overpass and Dust 2. 


Current roster of Team Vitality 

  • apEX  
  • ZywOo 
  • shox 
  • misutaaa 
  • Kyojin 


Despite a bumpy start to the competition with a razor-thin comeback victory over Mouz, Vitality turned the whole thing around in the following round with a thrashing of Ninjas in Pyjamas. And just as we all assumed Vitality would advance to the semifinals owing to G2's roster visa difficulties, ZywOo and the boys faltered and were moved to the quarterfinals. 


We're talking about a crucial game here. These two have always been at the top of the greatest CSGO teams ranking for a long time, and they'll be strong contenders in the BLAST Premier World Final next week. Winning this match not only puts the victorious team in the semifinals, but it also grants them a considerable advantage should they meet again next week. 


Current roster of Gambit Esports 

  • Nafany  
  • sh1ro 
  • Ax1Le 
  • interz 
  • Hobbit 


Let's discuss about Gambit next! The CIS squad entered this event as the team to beat if they wanted to win. They were expected to win this tournament by all real money CSGO bookmakers, and we can reasonably conclude they are on the correct track. But they have a major battle ahead of them, one that will not be decided easily. 

Gambit can count themselves fortunate since all of their main players are in excellent form. Even more so, their supporting cast is getting popular around the globe. They're one of the few teams in the league that can win with any of their five starting lineups. 


Only two head-to-head matches have been played between Vitality and Gambit so far. They both reached the same conclusion and had the same winner. Is anything going to change in this one? While Gambit's chances of winning aren't guaranteed, it's fair to presume that this one will go the length! 


Catch the game live later at 2:15AM PHT, Dec 6.

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