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Dota Pro Circuit Europe Division I - Virtus pro vs HellRaisers

Mary C

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Dota Pro Circuit Europe Division I - Virtus pro vs HellRaisers

In the fourth-place battle at The International 10, Team Spirit annihilated Virtus.pro. The players became agitated, and the team started to disintegrate. It's uncertain with whom there were disagreements; the details are kept under wraps. Nevertheless, as a result of these inconsistencies, Yegor Nightfall Grigorenko and Vitalie Save-Melnik quit the team. The first joined the Evil Geniuses team in America, while the second "sat on the bench." Vitalie is now a member of Virtus.pro, however he is unable to compete for the squad. He will lose a year unless someone acquires him during the DPC period. 


Save- intended to remove DM after failing at The International 10, but Illias or gpK backed him, per the rumors. After seeing that, Nightfall (who EG paid handsomely for) quit, and Save- can't make a deal with his teammates or the team. He is now "sitting on the bench" as a result of this. There's also talk that Vitalie was scheduled to form a new RAMZES666 team, but he couldn't compromise on a buyout with Virtus.pro officials. There appears to be a large sum of money involved. 


Ivan Pure Moskalenko and Daniyal yamich Lazebny signed with the Bears prior to the start of the current DPC season. Ivan had never played professionally before, while the Daniyal had only ever played for the DPC-2 and DPC-3 teams. We haven't seen Virtus.pro's official rosters until now, so judging these gamers is tricky. In any case, the team will take a bit more time to change the game's entire mechanism. As a result, the Bears may have a bad DPC season during their first year. Which is why, in every way, the current VP roster is inferior to the previous one. The following players are currently representing Virtus.pro: 

  • Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko  
  • Danil "gpk" Skutin  
  • Dmitry "DM" Dorokhin  
  • Daniyal "yamich" Lazebnyy  
  • Illias "Kingslayer"Ganeev 


The HellRaisers have an entirely new lineup as well, which is incredible. This lineup will also compete for victory against opponents from the tournament's bottom half. The players listed below will play for HellRaisers: 

  • Alimzhan Watson Islambekov; 
  • Maxim re1bl Afanasyev; 
  • Yaroslav Limitless Parshin; 
  • Georgy Gilgir Svistunov; 
  • Arman Malady Orazbayev. 

A game featuring Virtus.pro and Hellraisers will take place on December 6 at 1:00 AM PHT as part of the main stage of the event 2021 DPC Eastern Europe Winter: Division 1 on Dota 2. Will the Russians be able to end the winning streak of the Ukrainians?  


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