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How to play Mega Ball at 747 Live

Mary C

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How to play Mega Ball at 747 Live

Mega Ball




Mega Ball is a one-of-a-kind, engaging, and fast-paced game show with one or two Mega Ball bonus rounds where you can earn even more with multipliers! It's all about getting as many lines as possible on each card — the more lines you get, the more money you win! We've created a unique and fascinating online live dealer variant with all the features of a world-class casino game show with this new game, which combines bingo-style game mechanics with lottery bouncing balls.


Mega Ball has another version which is the First-person Mega Ball. Basically, the only difference is that when playing in this classic version, you are on a live set together with other online players; while in the First-person Megaball you are playing alone but with the option of switching on live games with the “Go Live” button that you can see on your screen. 


So if you want more entertainment and the feels of playing in a real live casino gaming room, Classic Mega Ball is the best option for you.


How to Play


  • Select the number of cards you will use. Each card will have numbers on them. 
  • You need to play at least 1 card and a maximum of 100 cards per game.
  • Set your card value. You can find and set it at the bottom of your screen. The minimum card value is Php 5 only.
  • 51 Balls are loaded into the machine and the machine draws 20 balls in a row.
  • If a drawn ball matches a number on your card, rows get filled. The more rows are filled on your card, the more money you win.
  • The cards are automatically re-arranged on the player’s screen, with the one closest to winning placed at the top.
  • After all 20 balls have been drawn, the Big Wheel with all the multipliers will spin. The minimum multiplier is 5x, the maximum is 100x. This multiplier is for the Mega Ball.
  • After the Multiplier is activated, the Mega Ball or the last ball will be drawn.
  • If this Mega Ball fills up one or more lines on your card, your winnings are multiplied by the multiplier. 



The Winning Lines

It’s all about filling lines on your cards. The more lines on your cards, the more your chances to win. There are 24 numbers on each card with 5 horizontal lines and 5 vertical lines. This creates 25 spaces for numbers, but the middle spot is empty, so that makes 24 numbers in total on a card. The winnings are counted per card. 


The more full lines (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) the bigger win per card.

  • 1 full line and get 1x your card value
  • 2 full lines and get  5x your card value
  • 3 full lines and get  50x your card value
  • 4 full lines and get  250x your card value
  • 5 full lines and get  1,000x your card value
  • 6 full lines or more and get  10,000x card value




Buy Many Cards: The only sound advice we can provide you in Mega Ball is to purchase more cards. Playing with only one card, for example, is not very rewarding. If you buy ten or more cards, on the other hand, you might get a better result. Because there are more chances for a line win, more cards will easily return your bet. 


Be Mindful of your Bets: Never bet money you don't want to lose. The theoretical return on investment (RTI) is 95.05 percent, which is lower than most video slots. As a result, you should stick to wagers that are less than 10% of your whole sum. In addition, if you play with more cards, it's a good idea to lessen your wager. 


Are you ready to win some cash prizes? Click here and start playing MEGA BALL!

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Nag bet ako NanG 1175 so 200plus cards Un AnG NaginG Balik Nia Ay 500 plus LanG So TaLo Paako NanG 600 plus Tapus YunG 500 Na Balik Saakin ay Tinaya Ko Ulet anG NaginG Balik LanG Ay 90 pesos so Talo Pako NanG 400 NgayOn Tinignan Ko history ko Wala Man LanG Nag Cross Lines Sa Mga Cards Bakit GanUn Un ParanG anG Daya Namn Nun Tapus Sa 200 plus Na Cards iilan LanG AnG tumama Imposble Namn Kasie

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