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CS:GO - IEM Katowice 2023 Playoffs Quarterfinals - Feb 10, 2023, 10:30 PM (PST)

Mary C

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Navi vs Outsiders 

In comparison to their first tournament of the season, Natus Vincere performs significantly better in this tournament. When many other talented teams dropped out of contention, Natus Vincere was able to advance to the playoff round, demonstrating both the team's strength and a full-fledged entry into the gaming season. The "born to win" game, however, cannot be referred to as ideal. Although each performer has a very high level of skill on their own, the teamwork and number of rounds leave much to be desired. The Natus Vincere team was able to demonstrate both its positive and negative sides during this competition. 

As always, the Outsiders team is the underdog in the competition. This team's presence at the tournament is essentially unnoticed, and little is said about it. But as usual, the Outsiders quietly advanced to the championship tournament's playoff round by way of the lower bracket. The Outsiders team is a special one that always works out during the competition and, by the time it's over, becomes genuinely formidable. The team members gained the necessary experience to play and enter the game mode after going through all of the "decorations" of the loser bracket, which was especially important for the new member of the team. We'll soon find out if they can play with the same level of assurance in the playoffs. 

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