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Valorant Champions: Team Envy vs x10 crit

Mary C

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Valorant Champions: Team Envy vs x10 crit









 X10 CRIT: 






The first-ever Valorant Champions is about to commence as we get to see several matchups in the group stage. The Group A of the Valorant Champions will be interesting as we get to see one of the best Southeast Asia teams, X10 Crit, face off against one of the giants of North America, Team Envy. Watch as they battle for a chance to fight in the main stage of the event this December 04, 1:00 AM (PHT) in Berlin, Germany. 

X10 Crit, formerly known as X10 esports, was the best in the Southeast Asian region. They dominated the Southeast Asia VCT Stage 1 and 2 and attended Masters - Reykjavik. However, the team soon started to struggle when their star player, Patiphan, took some time off due to an injury. 

X10 Crit became one of the first teams to qualify for the Valorant Champions 2021 due to the circuit points that they accrued in the Valorant Champions Tour throughout the season. Although X10 Crit missed Masters - Berlin, the team kept training for the Valorant Champions after their star player, Patiphan, returned. In an interview, the team said that they have not used their strategies in their scrims because they plan to reveal them at the Champions. 

Team Envy is one of the best contenders from the North American Region. They emerged as one the best teams in the world after consistently finishing in the top 4 of several Valorant tournaments over the year, and after they eliminated the masters of the VCT Stage 2 and tournament favorites, Sentinels 2-0 in the quarterfinals, and faced Gambit in the grand finals of Masters - Berlin last September. Although they were swept by Gambit esports 3-0 in the grand finals, Team Envy still deserves to be called one of the best teams since their players are all talented, and they have already proved many times that they can challenge and beat top-tier teams from different regions. 

Team Envy might feel a little disheartened because of what happened in their grand final run in Masters - Berlin. But now they had more time to practice with their star Jett player, Yay. Yay is an exceptional player who was acquired by Team Envy one month before the Masters - Berlin. And for only one month of training before Masters - Berlin, Yay proved on the main stage how strong and frightening he can be with his individual Jett plays.  

Our thoughts? We see Team Envy winning in their upcoming match against X10 Crit. Although X10 Crit proved that they're one of the best contenders in Southeast Asia and have secret strategies that they're gonna use in Valorant Champions. We still think that Team Envy will come out victorious because all of their players proved to be skillful and consistent with their performance. With their veteran leader "FNS" together with one of the best Jett players in the world, "Yay", it would surely be one heck of a game to watch. 

Team Envy battles X10 Crit, Friday, 12/04/21, 1:00 AM (PHT), at Berlin, Germany. 



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