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CSGO: IEM Winter 2021 - Astralis vs NIP

Mary C

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747 LIVE - CSGO: IEM Winter 2021 - Astralis vs NIP 7PM Dec 2 2021

Many people were surprised to learn after Major that Dupreeh, Magisk, and zonic would be departing the squad. The uncertainty of who might be able to take their place weighed large over the organization. The two substitute players, on the other hand, have already made an impression on the battlefield. BlameF and K0nfig made their Astralis debut against the NIP lead by Dev1ce. The newcomers made an immediate impact, each scoring over 30 kills on the second map, resulting in a 2-0 Bo3 victory over NIP. Astralis could be a top contender selection to win the tournament because Na'Vi will not be there. 


NiP, like Navi, has a standout player. Dev1ce joined NiP from Astralis and has aided the squad in reaching greater levels. NiP's success is dependent on how well he plays. He is currently World #2 after almost six years. However, it isn't completely reliant on Dev1ce. His fame steals the spotlight, but the rest of the youthful team had already proven themselves before he arrived. 


Astralis is the challenger here, and after being beaten (2:0) by NIP earlier, betting on Astralis as the winner could be advantageous. 


On December 2nd at 7:00 PM, Astralis will face off against NIP in the IEM Winter 2021. (PHT). Who do you think will win this match? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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