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Valorant Champions: Fnatic vs Cloud9

Mary C

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747 Live Valorant Champions: Fnatic vs Cloud9


















The Valorant Champions 2021, the first biggest event in Valorant, is here at last! Watch as 16 of the best teams in the world compete for the championship title and become the first-ever champion in all of Valorant history. 

The 16 teams were grouped into four (four teams per group) who will fight for the top two spots in order to qualify for the main stage event. 

We will have an exciting group stage match as we watch Fnatic take on one of the North American powerhouses, Cloud 9 Blue, this December 02, Thursday, 4:00 AM (PHT) in Berlin, Germany. 

Fnatic is one of the most successful and leading esports organizations, winning legacies for over 17 years in different games. The Valorant team of Fnatic is one of the most determined teams in the tournament, their run on the qualifiers was rough as they had to vigorously fight their way out of the lower bracket and earn enough circuit points to qualify for the championship. 

Although they did reach the grand finals of the qualifiers and earned enough circuit points, they were ultimately defeated by one of the best teams in North America, The Sentinels. 

On the other hand, Cloud 9 Blue is the last North American team to qualify for the Valorant Champions. The team made quite the name for themselves in the VCT NA Last Chance event for beating several strong teams such as 100 Thieves, XSET, Gen.G, and Version1 to qualify for this event. 

Cloud 9 Blue has an exceptional roster. The team acquired Vanity before the Last Chance event started. The team also has Leaf, one of the best players in the North American Last Chance qualifiers. The team has an excellent strategy that led to winning the event's grand finals, consequently qualifying the team for the Valorant Champions 2021. 

Fnatic will have a hard time defeating Cloud 9 Blue because Cloud 9 has the ability to adjust and adapt depending on the situation. They know when to change tactics and what to do to punish their opponents. They have dominated a lot in their qualifier run, clutched tiebreaker wins, and are highly versatile. Safe to say we’re betting on Cloud 9 Blue to win this upcoming match against Fnatic. Meanwhile, Fnatic had a pretty rough season. After earning their silver medal at Masters 2: Reykjavik, the team struggled to stay at the top. Months passed where the team stayed quiet until the Valorant Championship qualifiers. However, like other teams, Fnatic has worked hard to improve their playstyle and strategies, so we don't know what might happen. But we can expect that it will be a great and exciting match, and we hope to see more of it. 

Thursday, 12/02/21, 4:00 AM (PHT), at Berlin, Germany 




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