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CS:GO - IEM Katowice 2023 Lower Bracket Round 2 - Feb 4, 2023, 2:30 (PST)

Mary C

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ENCE vs compLexity 

Team ENCE initially makes an appearance for this matchup after losing to Cloud9 in the IEM Katowice 2023 Play-In Upper bracket quarterfinal round. Prior to discussing the Finnish team’s recent loss, it is important to recall how they performed in their debut. With the scorer in the terrorist side, they were down 0x3 early against paiN, but ENCE recovered and outperformed its opponents tactically, winning the first half by a score of 11.4 to take the match. They only maintained their large lead in the second half, closing at a vertiginous 16-7. 

The team faced the Russian team of Cloud9 in the Play-in phase     qualifying match; they did not face their opponents in the series. They chose poorly and played Anubis on the first map, where they lost the first half by a score of 3-12 and ultimately lost by a overall score of 10-16. On the second map, they were able to reverse their opponents’ choice of victory by 16-8 in hell. They created a very balance match in vertigo for the third and final map, but ultimately lost by a score of 13-16. 

Team compLexity, on the other hand, is present for this matchup after defeating Permitta in the Lower Bracket round one of the IEM Katowice 2023 Play-in. Prior to discussing the North American organization’s victory, it is important to keep in mind how they performed during their debut. CompLexity faced BIG in Anubis and began on the defensive (counter-terrorist) side. The first half was disjointed and had several gaps, and the team started off significantly behind by 4-11. They were much better in the second half compared to the firs, but they were in able to change the outcome and lost by a score of 16-12. 

The team faced the polish organization of Permitta in the Play-in knockout match, which confirmed the favoritism in the series, they easily defeated their opponents on the first map by defeating the Poles by a margin of 16-8 in the nuke, demonstrating their complete technical and tactical superiority. On the second map, the Americans were given an even easier victory by a margin of 16-7 in the overpass. 


Spirit vs Sprout 

After falling to Cloud9 in the upper bracket quarterfinal round of the IEM Katowice 2023 Play-in, the Spirit team first makes an appearance in this clash. Before discussing the Russian team's loss in their most recent game, it is important to recall how they performed in that game. When Grayhound came up against them, they started on the adverse side of the map (terrorist), lost the first two rounds, but still managed to easily win the first half by 114, demonstrating a significantly higher technical and tactical level. They simply needed to score five more times to finish the game with an overall score of 16–6 in the second half. 

The team met the Swedish team of Ninjas in Pajamas in the Play-in phase qualifying match, and they were defeated in the series. They had the chance to validate their decision in nuke on the first map, but they played poorly defensively, losing by an aggregate score of 7–16. They had the option of playing against one of their opponents on the second map, but they once more chose not to, losing the match by an overall score of 8:16. 

Team Sprout, on the other hand, is present for this matchup after defeating Evil Geniuses in the Lower bracket round 1 of the IEM Katowice 2023 Play-in. Prior to discussing the Danish team's victory, it is important to keep in mind how they performed during their debut. In the first half of their match against OG in inferno, they took the terrorist approach and were defeated by the smallest possible difference in rounds (7–8). In the second half, they were able to defeat their opponents by an identical margin and tie the match at 15–15. They ultimately performed worse in overtime and lost by a score of 16–19. In the competition. 

The team's encounter with the North American team of Evil Geniuses in the elimination round proved they were the series' favorites. Resilience best describes the Danes' victory. In the first map, they were down 6–9 in the ancient period before turning the tide and winning 16–13. In the second map, they got off to an even worse start in the mirage, falling behind by 5 to 10 (being on the side of the counter-terrorists), but they were able to recover and get back to 16 to 13. 

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