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CSGO BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021: Faze vs BIG

Mary C

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747 Live CSGO BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021: Faze vs BIG


FaZe Clan competed erratically at the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, displaying two distinctive stages. In any event, the team's structure remained largely unchanged, which immediately resurrected the earlier issues. Despite this, the boys were able to force a battle with Heroic at the start of the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021. FaZe Clan may also go to the decider if they had some additional suggestions on Nuke. In one point or another, the team appeared to be a lot more exciting than BIG, which we'll talk about a little later. 


BIG failed to qualify for the V4 Future Sports Festival 2021, finishing in third to fourth place. The team is completely incapable of fighting TIER-1 opponents. At the start of the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021, NAVI sprawled BIG across the arena. And if the Germans were still clinging to Nuke, Dust 2 would be excruciating to watch.  

In the lower bracket's first round on Friday, BIG will square off with FaZe at 10:30PM PST. Don't miss out on the game and bet exclusively at 747 Live! 

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