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Los Angeles and New York, prepare! Going towards the stretch of NBA 2021 Week 6, witness Lakers versus Knicks battle head on this November 24, Wednesday 8:30 AM PHT.  


New York Knicks is at one losing streak with their recent toss-up with Eastern Conference lead Chicago Bulls while, Los Angeles Lakers has one recent win up their sleeve against Detroit Pistons. At just shy of both conferences’ top 8, this is anyone’s game either for recovery or further triumph. See them square up on court to attempt for victory! 


Offense is topnotch for both teams. Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau revamped the offense by strengthening F-C Julius Randle’s performance with the addition of G Kemba Walker and G-F Evan Fournier—now, the Knicks boasts a 44.1 FG%, 36.4 3P%, and 76.2 FT%. This, if we compare to Los Angeles Lakers’ 46.1 FG%, 34.8 3P%, and 74.7 FT%, is arguably a pretty good faceoff between two competitors with threatening potentials to consistently score points. Going against tried, tested, and proven contenders like F LeBron James, F-C Anthony Davis, G Russell Westbrook, and F Carmelo Anthony cannot be an easygoing journey but, the same can be said with what the Lakers are about to face. 


But defenses are left with much to be desired. The decisions here can be critical and both teams have been criticized by fans and enthusiasts alike about their defensive management. Los Angeles Lakers has an on-and-off record in terms of resistance. Head coach Frank Vogel recently asked the team to ‘raise their commitment’ to defense after a streak of miserable exploitations by low-tier NBA teams. “There’s too much confusion. We have a scheme that’s in place, and our guys, they’re confused, and I’ve got to do a better job making sure that they understand their assignments,” Vogel commented on last month’s gameday film session. Much can be said the same for New York Knicks who are still having a difficult time performing proper transition defense under their new head coach. The Thibodeau defense involves a heavy amount of switching and overloading but, the team has been scrambling due to miscommunication and poor individual judgment from the recent games. 


This is an away game for Los Angeles Lakers as they face New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, New York on November 23rd, Tuesday 4:30 PM PT. Stream the game through Spectrum Sportsnet and TNT. Listen in live from ESPN LA. Filipino fans can enjoy the game through the NBA League Pass November 24th, Wednesday 8:30 AM PHT. For announcements and updates, follow nba.com. 

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