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PG | Spencer Dinwiddie 

SG | Bradley Beal 

SF | Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 

PF | Kyle Kuzma 

C | Daniel Gafford 



PG | Lamelo Ball 

SG | Kelly Oubre Jr 

SF | Gordon Hayward 

PF | Miles Bridges 

C | Mason Plumlee 


Here comes the Wizards and the Hornets! Once again, the Washington Wizards take on the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday, November 23, at the Capital One Arena, Washington, DC. The show starts at 8:00 AM (PHT). Watch as the Wizards attempt to take revenge against the Hornets to recover the loss from their last match against each other. Who do you think will triumph? Will it be the mighty Wizards? Or the unyielding Hornets? 

The Hornets are on fire as they are currently on a five-game win streak, while the Wizards are not looking good at the moment. Before both teams faced each other on November 18, The Hornets’ overall score was 8-7, while the Wizards were 10-3. But now, the Hornets are currently 10-7 this season, while the Wizards are 10-5. 

The Washington Wizards are one of the biggest surprises and were looking pretty dominant in the early season as they were on a five-win streak before their last match against the Hornets. The Hornets are known to have an appalling defense. But the Wizards seem to be having a hard time getting their shots to fall, even with their star player, Bradley Beal, who recently returned to play against the Hornets. Furthermore, it is still uncertain if Davis Bertans, Rui Hachimura, and Thomas Bryant will play for the next game. 

On the other hand, the Hornets had a pretty rough season. At the start of the month, they were on a 5-lose streak, with huge score differences in the final results. However, they came back stronger and even beat one of the most unstoppable teams at the moment, the Golden State Warriors, last November 15. This shows that their defense is improving.  

In their last match against the Wizards, they kept their perseverance in the first 2 quarters. The wizards were up by more than 5 points in the first quarter and only by 1 point in the second quarter. However, it was in the third quarter of the game where the persistence of the Hornets paid off as they suddenly went for the offensive and scored 30-14 in the third quarter, giving dominance to the Hornets, and eventually winning the game at 97-87 last November 18. 

As the Hornets continue to dominate their recent matches, it is highly feasible that they can also dominate and win their next match against the Wizards since what they're doing is more viable, especially if Bertans, Hachimura, and Bryant will still not play for the Wizards. Although Beal returned, it is still uncertain if he can play at his best since his grandmother recently passed away. However, we should still remember that the Wizards are a really strong team this season and that they are like two mirror images of one another. Who knows? Either way, we expect a great performance from both teams. Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, 11/23/21, 8:00 AM (PHT) at the Capital One Arena, Washington, DC. 



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