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CSGO ESL Pro League Season 15 | Nov 23-28

Mary C

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CSGO ESL Pro League Season 15 | Nov 23-28


In order to significantly reduce the process for teams to proceed into the final stages of the ESL Pro League, ESL declared that it will increase the league's size from 24 to 34 teams, change how teams compete for the CSGO EPL, and create a new event called the ELP Conference for the 2022 season. 


ESL Pro League will organise all ESL Pro Tour (EPT) Challenger tournaments, as per ESL's website. This entails that EPT challenger tournaments like the Dreamhack Open, ESEA Premier, and ESL National Competitions will be used to qualify groups for the EPL. Along with this new road, a total of 16 teams will be eligible to secure for the EPL. 


This new road is also the primary basis for the EPL's increased participation to 34 teams. To make up for the extra teams, an extra week of action will be introduced. In addition, the total prize pool will be boosted to $850,000. 


Season 15 of the EPL will serve as a bridging season for the revamped format's implementation. From 2021, ESL will give preference to teams that have managed to win prior EPT events or an EPT masters (IEM Cologne and Katowice) tournament. This suggests that teams that have won a Dreamhack Open, ESEA Premier teams fighting for EPL placement, and ESL National title teams will be given preferential treatment in the EPL. 


To compete for a spot in the EPL, all of the participating EPT teams will compete in a conference stage. The EPL conference will be held within the Dreamhack festival's time schedule. One of these conference phases will be held from November 23 to 28. Although the first ESL Conference will be held online, ESL has indicated that it will also be held as a LAN competition. This new method will allow new faces to put their skills into action in a more structured setting, potentially introducing new blood into the competitive CS:GO scene. 

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