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DOTA2 DPC Eastern Europe Div 1 Week 1

Mary C

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BetBoom vs Virtus.Pro

Following the failure of The International, BetBoom Team made the decision to completely alter its makeup. Numerous star players have joined the new roster, but it is still unclear whether they will be able to communicate with one another. Save – hasn't had much ma5tch practice, which could have an impact on his current form. TORONTOKYO climbed to the fifth spot. How he will perform in a new role created just for him is still unknown. Additionally, Nightfall struggled in America for a very long time without any success. Only the first and second positions are subject to questions. Last year, GPK and Pure played very forcefully, and they now appear to be their team’s main offensive threats. Despite any potential issues, the BetBoom Team’s makeup stands head and shoulders above all other CIS first division representatives. On paper, the men ought to have no trouble winning the competition. 

Theoretically, Team Spirit or Darkside could stop them, but the first matches revealed that the main rivals are out of shape and prone to errors. The BetBoom Team’s upcoming season appears to be a cakewalk, and important games already await them at the Major.

Virtus.pro was able to participate in the tier-2 competition and test the new squad prior to the commencement of the next Dota Pro Circuit season. The group took part in Dota 2 Champions League Season 17, but afterward, Koma had to be changed out for krylat. The team made a poor impression at the BetBoom Xmas Show. The Bears finished in fourth position with two victories and two defeats. Before 
the season even begins, Virtus.pro appears to be one of the division's underdogs because of the tournament's subpar competition.

Nemiga, who had already suffered two defeats on the Dota Pro Circuit, defeated the team without a chance. How Virtus.pro will be able to compete for the Major is unclear. It will be a fantastic outcome of the DPC if the squad keeps its spot in the top level. It cannot be claimed that one point substitution will fix everything or that one person is dragging VP down.

HellRaisers vs One Move

It's been a bit of a roller-coaster year for HellRaisers, as it has been for many CIS squads. They performed admirably in the first DPC tour after reaching Tier 1 at the end of last year, only to fall to a lesser tier in the subsequent tour. However, they quickly demonstrated once more that they belong among the elites and returned with a far more potent team after replacing four of their five players—three of them were replaced by players of significantly higher talent and market value. Another team that will be closely watched during the upcoming DPC season is HellRaisers. They have a ton of talent and expertise, with Solo, Daxak, and Antares' and MieRo"s and the melancholy kid's (for what it's worth, we hope he feels better) youth and the vast experience of Solo and Daxak's well balancing each other. Numerous CIS players will suffer if their starting lineup gels. In fact, their defeat of Nigma Galaxy at the BetBoom XMas Show has already sparked some questions.

One Move, who advanced to Tier 1 in the second DPC tour of last year and managed to remain competitive in the third, has successfully navigated through a number of changes over the course of a year. They also performed admirably in the EEU TI Qualifier, going all the way to the LB Semifinal before falling to the e team in the LB Final after losing their Upper Bracket game to BetBoom. It couldn't have been simple 
to defeat Mind Games and HellRaisers, and One Move definitely belongs in Tier 1.

Despite this, One Move is currently mostly obscure, given the numerous alterations they have experienced even after TI. The other players, besides AfterLife and Pantomem, have altered since their aforementioned adventures. Munkushi, the youngest of the three, is relatively new to the professional arena, but Ainkrad and Gilgir have both been active for some time in the lower divisions. There is a lot of potential here, but it is still unclear whether these players can manage pressure and top-level competition.

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