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UFC Ketlen Vieira vs Miesha Tate | November 21, 7 AM (GMT+8) 

Mary C

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UFC Ketlen Vieira vs Miesha Tate | November 21, 7 AM (GMT+8) 

UFC Fight Night 198: Vieira vs. Tate. The UFC main event starts now as former women's bantamweight champion Miesha Tate faces MMA Fighting Global Rankings' eighth-ranked bantamweight, Ketlen Vieira. The show airs live from UFC Apex, Nevada, Las Vegas, on November 21. Both prelims and the main card will show exclusively on ESPN+. The live coverage will also include UFC Fight Night Pre-show: Vieira vs. Tate to provide fans with exclusive views on the biggest stories about Fight Night 198. 

Ketlen Vieira (11-2 MMA, 5-2 UFC) is a powerful grappler who delivers hard and heavy strikes with conviction that she'll be the one on top of the opponent if things go her way. Once she gains control, she is usually calm and methodical in finding the right opportunity for a ground-and-pound attack or a submission. 

Vieira has a significant strike accuracy of 36% and a significant strike defense of 53%. She also has a takedown accuracy of 48% and a takedown defense of 92%. 

On the other hand, Miesha Tate (19-7 MMA, 6-4 UFC) is a former UFC and Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion and is one of the biggest stars in the history of the sport. She stepped out of her five-year retirement from the sport earlier this year, and she returned to the competition with a third-round stoppage victory over Marion Reneau. 

Grappling is the specialty of Tate. She has a solid and determined wrestling game, and she shows excellent toughness and resilience in grappling scrambles. She does exceptionally well to combine her striking into grappling exchanges and vice versa. She also chain-wrestles fine. When she gains control of her foe, she is actively looking for opportunities to strike for submissions. 

Tate has a 42% significant strike accuracy and a 51% significant strike defense. She also has a 32% takedown accuracy and a 52% takedown defense. 

Both women frequently rely on their grappling. However, each of them has its own striking advantages. Tate is more technical, whereas Vieira carefully waits for her chance to strike and dish out heavy damage. In terms of strength and accuracy, it is clear that Vieira has the advantage over Tate, and there is a good chance that Vieira will emerge victorious. However, this is Vieira's first main event, and it is against a former champion, so many uncertainties exist. 

 11/21/21, 7:00 AM (PHT) at the UFC Apex, Nevada, Las Vegas. 

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