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Dota Pro Circuit Western Europe Elite Division

Mary C

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Team Secret vs Team OG 

Team Secret was unable to claim victory in The International 2022. With a score of 0-3, the squad was defeated by Tundra Esports in the championship game. However, this outcome appears to be more than successful given that the team began their trip with qualifications. Nisha, however, chose to try his hand at another team, therefore the company was obliged to hunt for a successor over the break. He was replaced by BOOM, which appears to be a fantastic choice for Team Secret. 

In Gladiators, Miroslav served as the primary strike unit. With better-trained and more seasoned colleagues, he has the potential to surpass the best midfielders in the entire globe. Currently, the squad appears strong. Crystallis, who appears to be a weak link, raises some doubts, but he has potential that will be easier to realize in Team Secret's second season. Prior to the commencement of the Dota Pro Circuit 2023, the "secret". 

At the most recent The International, OG finished seventh or eighth. This outcome cannot be characterized as a failure, especially in light of the fact that the players only suffered postseason losses to Tundra Esports and Team Liquid. However, the company opted to switch from ATF to DM during the interval. This replacement has an odd appearance. Of sure, the Russian player is knowledgeable about the game and has a strong selection of heroes, but it's not worthwhile to claim that he will improve the team. 

All of OG's major achievements to date are related to Ceb, who took Misha's place. Uncertainty exists regarding the captain's ability to plan the team's games in a way that will help them win the major. On the game's DM and bzm, too much will depend. The team's potential will be revealed in later matches, although so now it appears to be less strong than Tundra Esports, Team Liquid, and Team Secret. 


I.T. Breach vs Entity 

The British organization floated around Division 1's fringe for a while until ultimately bursting, well, into the breach during last season's final tour. They are the only virtually entirely unknown quantity of this season's first DPC trip. Many of the players have faced Tier 1 competition in the past as substitutes or for other teams, but the WEU Qualifier from the previous season was the only time they really faced Tier 1 opposition as a team. It remains to be seen what they can accomplish in the major leagues, albeit they have since replaced their Position 4 player. 

ITB hasn't done much yet, other than push Team Secret to the limit whenever they faced off against the European powerhouses. They also eliminated goonsquad and Team Bald Reborn on their route to finishing fourth at the aforementioned WEU Qualifier. Supream, Xibbe, and new addition Immersion are among of their most well-known players, and they will be crucial in preparing this new team for the pressure of high-level Dota. 

Speaking of disappointments from the previous TI, Entity appeared to have everything it would take to dominate every team with their unconventional picks and methodical play, but it wasn't meant to be. They later lost Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko, a previous Position 1 player, to BetBoom Team, but Alimzhan "Watson" Islambekov, a talented Kazakh, bolstered their team. Despite never having played for a top-tier team, Islambekov has proven that he is prepared for the big time. Islambekov previously moved HellRaisers into Tier 1 after winning Division 2 during the third DPC Tour last year. 

Although Entity hasn't quite become Tundra, its climb in the Dota ranks has been nothing short of meteoric. Entity first gained notoriety by defeating more well-known teams. So far, they appear to excel at qualifiers and do well at Majors until they reach the latter stages. However, despite average or subpar performances on LAN, the Indian organization remains a serious danger to the more seasoned Dota clans in Western Europe. 


Nigma Galaxy vs Tundra 

Miracle left Nigma Galaxy at the beginning of the season after deciding to take time off from his professional career. Obviously, this is a setback for the club, but ATF has stepped in to fill the void and it appears to be a wise move. It is true that the team's upgraded lineup failed to place in the first competition. The team was invited directly to the playoffs at the BetBoom Xmas Show, however Nigma Galaxy lost every game they played to Entity and HellRaisers. All made poor plays. 

The group was clueless. Even he was unable to assist the ATF when they attempted to give him his distinctive Timbersaw. KuroKy presents a poor image because he is either completely useless on the map or he steals kills from his cows, purchases odd gear, and ultimately only makes matters worse. It seems improbable that Nigma Galaxy was able to add significantly in a week. Given that she would be competing against the world's best squad in the forthcoming match. 

Tundra Esports' fantastic performances continue to enthrall its followers. Many people feared that the team's nearly three-month break after winning The International 2022 would prevent them from being motivated enough to play with assurance in the Dota Pro Circuit 2023. The first match, however, entirely demolished these ideas. Tundra Esports performed admirably in the contest with OG. The squad started off weaker on the first map, but they handled all the pressure and completed it well. 

Tundra Esports is also the owner of the second map. Despite bzm's strong performance, the reigning world champions' collaboration was superior. In five months, Tundra Esports hasn't suffered a defeat. The club plays with a lot of strength and should have no trouble with Nigma Galaxy. Face-to-face interactions also support Tundra Esports. 

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