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Frequently Asked Questions in the Mega Raffle


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Q: Can I still sign up?

A: Yes, you can sign up until  December 26, 2021.


Q: If I sign up now, will I earn entries for my previous activities?

A: Yes, your entries are calculated in the system, so whenever you sign up, they will be shown under your dashboard.


Q: Can I join the raffle even though I am not a player or an agent?

A: Yes, you can. You have to sign up here: https://747raffle.com/player. Scroll down till the end and fill out the form. You will earn entries when you do social activities, such as posting about 747 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Trustpilot, and everywhere you want. Read the rules here: https://bitwi.se/megaraffle


Q: I signed up. How can I verify my entries?

A: When you signed up, you received an email with the link to open your dashboard and see your entries. However, if you lost the email, you can go to https://dashboard.747raffle.com. Enter your email and click the button “Enter”. You will receive an email with the instructions.


Q. The entries for my social activities weren't calculated. Why?

A. First of all, you have to make sure you are registered. If you are not, sign up here https://747raffle.com/player/. Once registered, you will get your social code along with your confirmation email. Then, you can submit your social activities with your social code here https://bitwi.se/RaffleReport


Q: Can I create multiple accounts?

A: One person can have one player account and one agent account only.


Q: I registered my player account. Can I register my agent account too?

A: Yes. Just go to your raffle account dashboard https://dashboard.747raffle.com and click on "Link Agent'', then enter your agent account's username and password. 


Q: I registered my agent account. Can I register my player account?

A: Yes. Just go to your raffle account dashboard https://dashboard.747raffle.com and click on "Link Player'', then enter your player account's username. 


Q: I am trying to sign up, but the system is giving me an error.  Why?

A: There are two possible reasons: 

(1) The phone number or email address you're using to sign up has already been registered. Take note that an email address and phone number can only be used to register one player and one agent account.

(2) The account you are trying to sign up for is already a registered account. If you wish to access this account, go to https://dashboard.747raffle.com. Enter the email address that you used to register and get instructions on how to recover the account via email.

If you believe there is an error, you can send an email to info@747.live indicating the username that you are trying to register together with the email and phone number that you want to use.


Q: If I don’t want to play, can I still join the raffle?

A: Yes, you can. What you need to do is write on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Trustpilot etc. about 747. Remember to use your “Social Code” when you post about 747. You can read about the rules of posting here: www.bitwi.se/megaraffle. 


Q: What is social code?

A: The social code is a code that is assigned to you by 747. When you post on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, and so on, always add your social code so that we can easily identify your posts and reward you with raffle entries.

You can find your social code at https://dashboard.747raffle.com or on the email that was sent to you after the registration.


Q: What if we forgot to put our social code for the activities?

A: Social codes are our way to monitor and verify all social activity entries. Without them, we cannot track and validate your activities. Thus, you will lose that chance to earn raffle entries.


Q: What if we submitted the activity with our username and not with the social code?

A: We track and verify all social activities through social codes. If this is not included in the form that you have submitted, you will lose the chance to earn a raffle entry for that activity. So, always make sure that you include your social code, not your username.


Q: I have multiple player accounts. Can I get the entries on all of them?

A: No, you can only participate in the Mega Raffle with only one player and one agent account.


Q: How will I know if I won the raffle?

A: We will contact you through email or via phone call to verify your information. If all is correct, we will ship the prize. We will be reaching out to all the winners 5 times within 10 days from the draw date. If we fail to contact you, your prize will be redrawn for another lucky winner.


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