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DPC China Tour 1 Division 1: PSG.LGD vs Dawn | 7:00 PM (PST)

Mary C

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The most formidable Chinese force no longer appears to be what it once was because PSG.LGD will have three new players on the field at once in the upcoming season, turning the champion team into a regular tier-2 stack. The new players were not even related by name to those who left the roster following the failure at TI11. Kerry Ame took a sabbatical and brought in teenage prodigy Shiro from EHOME to replace the inactive carry. The same team produced the new four planets, and the primary hire with the symbol”?” is Lee Longwu, a 19-year-old offlaner from CDEC Gaming. 

Due to the CDEC Gaming position, Dawn Gaming, a brand-new squad in the Chinese industry, has gained access to the elite level. Players from tier-3 teams LBZS and Roster Saiyan make up the team. At the end of December, the new squad was able to compete in Tier 3 of the Moon Studio Campfire event. Yes, the team will advance to the tournament's playoffs, but the Dawn Gaming roster failed to display any impressive play in their battles with KOBOLDS (0:2) and Neon Esports (0:2). 

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