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DPC China Tour 1 Division 1: EHOME vs Invictus | 4:00 PM (PST)

Mary C

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EHOME vs Invictus 

The makeup of EHOME changes significantly each year. Shiro’s squad performed admirably last season, but they were unable to advance to the TI11 stage. Additionally, youthful players were swiftly grouped into more successful tags as a result of the Chinese off-shots seasons and really international roster adjustments. Simply said, there were no more well-known players on the professional circuit, therefore the EHOME team once more had to seek for unknown guys to sign.  

Two Malaysian and three Chinese gamers made up the newly established Unity Gaming squad, which was signed by the company’s leaders to remedy the issue. The BTS Pro Series Season 13: Southeast Asia competition saw EHOME play two matches with the new squad, although they were both defeated by Geek Fam (0:2) and Execration (1:2). During the group stage, this  

After a year, the Invictus Gaming team rejoins the Chinese DPC league’s top Division. The only Player who has consistently played for the IG since 2018 is the carry of the first position Emo. However, the team has a new roster for 2023. The IG veteran’s new teammates are Dust from Team MagMa, Irving, also from Team MagMa, who will play as the new offlaner and Poloson from Team SMG and QYQX from the same Team Magma who will play as supports. Super, who had previously led the Royal Never Give up lineup, served as the team’s coach. 

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