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The 747 Live Mega Raffle


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We know that Christmas day only comes once a year and so we asked Mega Santa to add one more day for you to look forward to this merry Yuletide season!

Yes, you read it right, we’ll extend the Christmas season’s fun and celebrate the New Year earlier with 747 Live price-filled Mega Raffle draw on December 30, 2021!

And this is not your ordinary raffle draw. We carefully thought about this and made it possible to show our appreciation to our valued players, agents, and all 747 Live supporters. The smile and happiness from all the winners of this raffle are the fuel that will make this season unforgettable for all of us.

In this Mega Raffle, we made sure that anyone can join from our Players, Agents, and Non-players, all will have the chance to win amazing prizes. It’s easy to join, we made this simple and less complicated as we want your journey to winning fun and exciting. Know more about the steps on how to join HERE.

Ensuring that everyone will have a bigger chance to win, Registration and Accumulation of entries are until December 26, 2021. 

We won’t require you to play games to get raffle entries. Instead, you can collect it by participating in the different social activities we prepared for you. While for our Players and Agents, aside from joining in the social activities, they can earn extra raffle entries by following special mechanics set for PLAYERS , AGENTS and AREA MANAGERS.

Earn FREE raffle entries to get more chances in this Mega Draw, the winning odds are high when the number of your raffle entries is also high. 

Don’t let Mega Santa down, he wants to gift you this Christmas season. Join now, start collecting raffle entries and let’s all say Ho-Ho-Ho in this coming 747 Live Mega Raffle draw on December 30, 2021.


For more details and frequently asked questions about the Mega Raffle, click HERE.

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