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How To Earn FREE Entries for the Mega Raffle


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Only a few more days left before the end period of accumulating raffle entries on December 26, 2021, for the anticipated 747 Live Mega Raffle.

How many have you got so far? The collection of entries from different social activities is FREE and UNLIMITED. 

Grab this chance ‘coz we all know that the more raffle entries you have the better chance that you’ll be one of the many lucky winners who’ll take home cool and amazing prizes this coming Mega Raffle grand draw on December 30, 2021!


Here are the Different Ways and Mechanics on How to Get FREE Mega Raffle Entries thru Social Activities:




Users can write any nice message addressing 747 Live. And don't forget to always include the hashtag #747Live alongside your #[Social Code]. If you are unsure or you forgot your social code, you can check it on the verification email sent to you after your registration. The calculation is based on per post per social media account.


Calculation of Entries based on the number of LIKES.

  • 20-30 likes =  1 Raffle Entry

  • 31-50 likes =  2 Raffle Entries

  • 51-100 likes =  3 Raffle Entries

  • Over 101 likes =  5 Raffle Entries

Calculation of Entries based on the number of SHARES

  • 5-10 shares =  1 Raffle Entry

  • 11-20 shares =  2 Raffle Entries

  • 21-40 shares =  3 Raffle Entries

  • 41-60 shares =  4 Raffle Entries

  • Over 61 shares =  5 Raffle Entries

Report your post HERE and remember to include your Social Code.




Send a 30-second to 1 minute testimonial video stating about your experience in playing with 747 Live games. 

Calculation of Entries

  • 1 verified video = 1 Raffle Entry

Report your post HERE and remember to include your Social Code.




Who doesn't like positive reviews, right? Share your positive experience and feedback about 747 Live on any of your Social Media Accounts. Be sure it's originally from you and don't forget to include #747Live and your #Social code after your review post and in submitting your reports.

Calculation of Entries

  • 1 published content = 1 Raffle Entry

Report your post HERE and remember to include your Social Code.




Post any technical content about upcoming events on 747 Live Forum. It can be Sports or eSports events and some technical guides on playing casino games. 

Calculation of Entries

  • 1 published content = 1 Raffle Entry

Report your post HERE and remember to include your Social Code.




Exclusive for established bloggers, influencers, and streamers only who want to share and feature 747 Live to their audiences. Kindly email us with your offer, and we will directly negotiate with you.


Those are the ways on how you can accumulate free raffle entries for the Mega Raffle. It is important to note that all reports will be verified by the 747 Live Admin. Thus, ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR SOCIAL CODE. This is our way to track your entries.

You will know if your submission was complete and verified because an email will be sent to you.


Note: You can find your social code on your dashboard. A link with the dashboard will be emailed to you after registration. If you have lost it, you can recover it at https://dashboard.747raffle.com



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