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CSGO Republeague: Entropiq vs Team Fiend

Mary C

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747LIVE Nov 16 2021 | CSGO Republeague: Entropiq vs Team Fiend

by: Wilson C

Both Entropiq and Fiend are ranked near the top of the international rankings. Fiend is just six spots behind Entropiq, who is now in 12th place. That demonstrates that their strengths are similar; both teams possess unique parts that can be termed their speciality. 


Entropiq is, of course, regarded to be the best team in this game. Not only having a higher ranking, but also putting in a strong showing. Entropiq has 7 wins and 3 loses in their previous ten games. Not only that, but they've won four straight games. 


Fiend, on the other hand, has comparable statistics to the opposing team. In the last ten games, they had 7 victories and 3 losses. This demonstrates that their performance hasn't deteriorated significantly. 


According to the head-to-head statistics, the two teams have only battled twice. Each team also won one game, indicating that this match is even more evenly matched. It's possible that Entropiq will come out on top in this match. Entropiq will not, however, win by a large margin. 


Catch the game live late as Entropiq play against Team Fiend later at 11PM PST, Nov 16 in the CSGO Republeague. 

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