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BLAST Premier World Grand Finale

Mary C

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G2 Esports had not won a map in a CS:GO finals in a total of 1092 days. One of the major pending accounts of the samurai inside the shooter was reaping success. If wearing the G2 shirt suggested some strain, each tournament that went by without a win added additional weight to the club’s shoulder. However, the organization has removed its unique weight by defeating Team Liquid 2-0 in the BLAST Premier: World Final. G2 Esports and Team Liquid have not seen each other during the duration of the competition despite being in the same group. Both teams advanced beyond the first round after defeating Rio de Janeiro, a major champion outsiders. With no finalist from the previous Major, both teams advanced through the quarterfinals to compete for the crown. The samurai eliminated Team Vitality and FaZe Clan while the North Americans eliminated NAVI. 

Whatever the outcome will be, both teams would create history if they won the BLAST Premier World Final. The two teams needed to break their own jinx, but when it came down to it, G2 Esports won far more easily on the server. The samurai kicked off the final with their infamous Inferno, in which they were unpredictable from the terrorist side. G2 scored 4-11 in the first half and 7-16 in the second half to take the lead. Team Liquid picked a second map that was much more evenly distributed. G2 Esports almost increased by playing Inferno against a revitalized “NAF” Keith Markovic. When Team Liquid had a greater economy than G2, it held up better, but the samurai’s individualities resolved the stalemate situations. 

By capturing a title, months after missing the Rio de Janeiro Major, the samurai has averted an even more dire predicament. If he had not succeeded, suspicions regarding the successors for Audric Jug “JACKZ” and Aleksi Virolainen “Aleksib” may have jeopardized the project’s continuation. Ramus Nielsen’s “”HooXi” trip in G2 may alter in the future. The fact that he had led the squad back to trophies, even with the frags on top of his “bad name”, is not taken away from anybody.  

In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, both Kovacs realized one of their dreams, winning a tournament together. JKS, who has gained his second title of the year, understood this emotion better. MONESY, on the other hand, was fully ignorant of it, but he has already seen how amusing it can be in the face of his bright profession. 


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