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BLAST Premier World Final Semifinals

Mary C

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FaZe Clan vs G2 

FaZe Clan and G2 have announced a new date for the BLAST Premier Global Finals 2022. They had previously met each other in the opening rounds of Group A when Faze Clan faced a 2-0 deficit before grinding out a 2-1 victory. FaZe Clan have been a thorn in G2’s side, and this is a good opportunity for the enraged Europeans to avenge their humiliation. The stakes couldn’t be greater here in Abu Dhabi for the BLAST Premier World Finals semifinals. 

As previously said, G2 did not have a particularly great year in 2022. Apart from their Grand Final performance in Katowice, and with Aleksib in the headlines for his departure to G2, they haven’t accomplished much, with losing out on the Rio Major being the darkest of scars. In this case, they appear to have employed a new scriptwriter. Outsiders, the winner of the Rio Major, were nearly destroyed by FaZe Clan, the winners of the Antwerp Major, and ZywOo’s last-ditch attempt to establish himself as the number one player in the world was thwarted. 

Within the next 24 hours, G2 will have had another shot at making the international squad, with Niko going head-to-head with his previous side once more. But this time, it’s not a group stage encounter. Things are beyond repair, thanks to some Rio-loving Russians. This is the Global Final Semifinal. G2 will have no second opportunity on one of the largest platforms. It’s either now or never. FaZe Clan defeated G2 numerous times in 2022, and there is no better way to revenge all the pain, particularly in Katowice, than to knock them out here in Abu Dhabi.  

FaZe Clan and its early 2022 successes are well-known. They became the first CS:GO in history to win all three events: Katowice, Cologne and the Major. However, in the months after the memorable Cologne Grand Final vs NAVI, FaZe Clan has undoubtedly fallen behind. Worst of all, they were defeated 0-3, in the Legends’ Stage of the Rio Major. However, they appear to have recovered in the Global Finals. They’re back on track and no longer rely on individual heroics to get them there. They've cleaned their glasses, and they can see that a famous trophy only NAVI and Astralis have ever won awaits them. With the Ukrainians gone and the disperse Danes Joining NAVI at the airport, a new champion is in sight. 

FaZe Clan has everything they need to become the next champion. For the time being, all that stands in their way is a team they’ve previously vanquished, though scrappily, just a few days ago. 


OG vs Team Liquid 

We’ve witnessed a lot of shocks in BLAST Premier World Final, notably from team Liquid. In their first match, Liquid stunned Outsiders by defeating them on Anubis and Mirage. After defeating Jame and company, Liquid had a difficult task when it came to defeating FaZe Clan. After thrilling battle on Mirage, Liquid edged out FaZe to take a 1-0 lead. That didn’t assist them much because they were heavily trounced on Anubis and didn’t accomplish much on Inferno. 

The NA-based roster’s strong performances continue against NAVI as they won 2-1. It's worth noting that they looked fantastic on Mirage and Overpass whereas their performance on the CT side of Ancient was abysmal. OG are currently looking much better than before. Victories against Team Vitality and Heroic secured them a ticket in the semifinals, and it will be intriguing to watch if their incredible run continues. 

By far the greatest chances for this match can be found at GG.bet Esports. We feel Liquid had tougher opposition and that the map pool favored them far more. In this one, Team Liquid has a broad choice of maps that they can play at, and due to this, they have a high possibility that they can come out on top in this competition. 

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