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Dreamhack Open November 2021 Group A : Ence vs Fnatic

Mary C

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747 LIVE Dreamhack Open November 2021 Group A : Ence vs Fnatic | Nov 12 3AM

On Wednesday, ENCE and Fnatic both swept their corresponding opening games at the DreamHack Open November 2021.


ENCE made it to the main stage of the Majors, demonstrating a high level of performance. Later in the Legends stage, though, the team appeared fatigued and lost three matches, rarely scoring more than 10 rounds per map. The team's performances in the Legends stage were dismal, so maybe the boys felt at ease after a victorious first leg. The European squad got a little over a week to recover and plan for DreamHack Open November after that, although it's unclear how they utilized it.


ENCE defeated forZe in a Group B match with a 16-13 win on Ancient and a 16-10 triumph on Nuke. Lotan "Spinx" Giladi of Israel led ENCE with 42 kills and a plus-12 kills-to-death difference in the winners' final on Thursday.


In previous months, ForZe has slid quite a bit in the rankings. The squad has almost dropped out of the top 30 on HLTV, and roster adjustments have yet to provide the expected effects. On theory, the squad has improved with snipers; the team now boasts four men with an average rating of 1.10 or higher, but this has yet to bear fruit. With this lineup, the team has indeed failed to qualify for DreamHack and has been invited to the competition due to Complexity's refusal. The Russian squad had been aware of it for some time and had plenty of time to prepare for the competition.


Fnatic swept Team Spirit with a 16-9 victory on Mirage and a 16-4 thrashing on Inferno. Ludvig "Brollan" Brolin of Sweden led Fnatic with 41 kills and a plus-19 kills-to-death ratio. Robert "Patsi" Isyanov of Russia led Team Spirit with 29 kills and a minus-7 kills-to-death ratio.


Although ENCE appears to be the favorite, experts misjudge their chances. The Russian squad has a chance to compete against the favorites and even win.


Catch the game live later, Nov 12 at 3AM PST. Make sure you only put your bets at 747 Live.

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