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747 live NBA: MIAMI HEAT vs LOS ANGELES LAKERS | Nov 11 2021


Two of the most known and influential teams in the entirety of the NBA will battle for greatness this November 11, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles City: Miami Heat versus the Los Angeles Lakers in Week 4. Right before lunch, we can catch this match at 11 AM this coming Thursday. 


After a broken win streak delivered by Boston Celtics last week, Miami Heat is expected to keep their defensive team intact and better equipped at dealing with the newly-rostered and aggressive Los Angeles Lakers. In a recent matchup between Thunder and Lakers, sports enthusiasts and fans alike may recall a momentous record achieved by current Lakers Point Guard Russell Westbrook by becoming the player with the most triple-doubles with 10 turnovers since 1985. Westbrook and Power Forward Anthony Davis provide a formidable offensive force to the opposition with a combined 22.2 percent on 6.4 attempts per game and an overall 3-point accuracy of 37.5 percent. Lakers Coach Frank Vogel created a new roster of venerated professionals. Lebron James and his coexistence with Davis still offers a hyperactive drive to boost the team’s gameplay especially in collaboration with former players like Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza. Adjustments are inevitable but the team is determined to contend. 


White hot Heat got fully extinguished with a weak performance last week against the Celtics leaving fans baffled at a sudden loss. It’s easy to attribute the loss to a sense of hubris and complacency as one of the season’s strongest teams. But with a fantastic offseason performance previously and not having nearly an eighth of the season in progress, Erik Spoelstra should rouse the players to a better and undisputed gameplay. A productive season means strengthening Miami Heat more—with Point Guard Kyle Lowry with 25.3 points per game and Small Forward Jimmy Butler with 7.1 assists arguably forming the most effective duo this season in terms of interdependence. Securing the top three seed is a comfortable spot but with a team like Los Angeles Lakers keeping them from securing another victory, Miami Heat needs to prove that they can return to the NBA Finals again. 


The Los Angeles Lakers are going to host the match at home court facing the Miami Heat. Stream the game through the National ESPN on November 11, 2021 11:00 AM PST and follow updates at nba.com. 

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