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Dreamhack Open November 2021 Group A

Mary C

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Dreamhack Open November 2021 Group A | Nov 10 Schedules

Check out the game schedules for the CSGO DreamHack Open today, Nov 10, 2021.  First match will be a battle between BIG and GamerLegion at 8:30PM. 


Big has shown inconsistency in the past few months after acquiring their new player, Gade. 

They haven't been performing well, and in their later Major Tournament Qualifier, they placed last. The team will need some time for team rebuilding.  

Big have lost 7 out of 9 matches in the span of a month. We hope to see them perform well in their first game tomorrow against Gamer Legion! 

On the other hand, Gamer Legion, has been making a name for themselves in small tournaments. They have won 8 out of 13 matches and will likely be ready coming in to Dreamhack open. 



Another game at 8:30PM will be a match between Mad Lion and Mouz. 

Mad Lion has been racking up their win rate stats in the past few months. Having won 8 out of 11 matches, they will be fighting for a spot in the top 30 hltv world rankings this year, and so far they have proven us that they are tough contenders.

Mouz, on the other hand, fell short in PGL in which they should have won against Virtus Pro. Because of that, they lost their hope to win a major event.

Now, they will have to wait for a long time again for a Valve Sponsored Major Events.

And starting from Dreamhack Open, they will fight their way to be champions, and hopefully by the time that Major Event will be announced, MOUZ will be ready.






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