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Listed under one of the top 10 rivalries in NBA history, the 76ers and the Knicks are back at it again! Following the Knicks’ breakout win in October, it’s more than safe to say they’ve redeemed themselves from last season’s last-minute losses. It was quite the embarrassment for Philly, though! Now the question is, will the 76ers recover from that Knicks loss this time around? It’s time for the New York Knicks to pay the 76ers a visit this November 9, 2021 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. 
Currently, the NBA's 2021-22 Eastern Conference is being dominated by the 76ers with an 8-2 win-loss record; 111.1 PPG, 102.6 OPP PPG, +8.5 Average Point Differential, and a winning streak of 6 ever since their loss to the Knicks. In terms of the entire season’s league itself, the Sixers are reigning in second next to the Golden State Warriors. The Knicks are trailing relatively closely behind at rank 5 with a 6-3 record; 113 PPG, 109 OPP PPG, +4 Average Point Differential, and one recent win. Based on these numbers alone, it already seems like Philly is more than ready to make up for last months’ slip-up with the Knicks. We also have to admit that the absence and drama resulting from the injury of Sixers’ all-star Ben Simmons was a contributing factor to that loss, too. 

As the Sixers have most definitely learned to bounce back regardless of Simmons’ absence, some turbulence is starting to brew in the Knicks’. While Derrick Rose and Kemba Walker’s duo started swimming ever since Rose’s return, it seems like last week Rose struggled with his diminished role due to Walker’s presence. Was the Knicks’ vision of a ‘twin tower’ dynamic too good to be true? It looks like this won’t bode well with the Sixers all fired up to take revenge. From all these reasons combined, we’re gonna have to vouch for the Sixers on this one. They’re on a roll, and they probably won’t stop now. 

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