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PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Grand Finals NaVi vs G2 Esports

Mary C

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747 LIVE PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Grand Finals NaVi vs G2 Esports | Nov 8 3AM

by Wilson C


Later’s match at 3 AM PST will be the Grand Finals between NaVi and G2 Esports. 


In the second semifinal of the PGL Major Stockholm, Aleksandr's1mple' Kostyliev and his team demolished Gambit (2-0) while G2 Esports will take the stage tomorrow for their first-ever Grand Final appearance at a Major. 


Here is the Map Veto of the yesterday’s match between Navi and Gambit. 


1. Gambit removed Nuke. 

2. Natus Vincere removed Vertigo. 

3. Gambit picked Overpass. 

4. Natus Vincere picked Mirage. 

5. Natus Vincere removed Inferno. 

6. Gambit removed Ancient. 

7. Dust2 was left over. 


Despite a brave attempt put up by Abay 'Hobbit' Khasenov on Overpass, Gambit appeared destitute and listless as the fans at the Avicii Arena witnessed a full massacre by Natus Vincere, who continually shut down everything their CIS opponents had on their papers to execute. Gambit looked strong in the early half of Overpass, only to fall behind and get punished by Na'Vi. 


After losing their map selection 16-8, Gambit seemed set to even the series on Mirage, only to be beaten down by their own mental stability, crashing 16-3, marking it the fastest map ever to end at a Major. 


Well, of course, this is to be expected since NaVi got the BIG BOSS s1mple. Right?  


On the other hand, G2 won an absolute nailbiter of a series against Heroic to start the Semifinals Day on Saturday. Both teams took care of business on their map picks before Inferno, where G2 survived choking a late lead with a flawless performance in overtime. 


Here is the Map Veto for G2 vs Heroic. 


1. Heroic removed Dust2. 

2. G2 removed Overpass. 

3. Heroic picked Nuke. 

4. G2 picked Mirage. 

5. G2 removed Vertigo. 

6. Heroic removed Ancient. 

7. Inferno was left over.  


While the last three years had been difficult for Nikola 'NiKo' Kova following FaZe Clan's collapse at the ELEAGUE Boston Major at the hands of Cloud9, the 24-year-dedication kept the ball running for his current team, G2 Esports, who is just hours away from meeting Natus Vincere in their first-ever Grand Final at a Valve Sponsored tournament.  


Na'Vi and G2 will face off in the Grand Finals of a large LAN event for the third time in almost two years. In spring 2020, just as the COVID-19 epidemic began, the two teams met in the IEM Katowice Grand Finals. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the event had to be held without a crowd, with the finals taking place in front of an empty arena. 


G2 and Na'Vi faced again in the Grand Finals of IEM Cologne in July 2021, in the first LAN following the emergence of COVID. Although the rosters were different, the results were the same. Between events, Na'Vi promoted B1T from the academy team while G2 splurged on their superstar NiKo. Na'Vi, on the other hand, won both grand finals by a 3-0 score. 


During the Legends Scenario of the PGL Stockholm Major, both teams went 3-0, putting them on opposite sides of the playoff bracket and laying the stage for a rematch. A Na'Vi victory would cement s1mple's status as the greatest player of all time, granting him the one goal he has yet to achieve, which is to win a Major Tournament. After the results of their last two Grand Finals games, a G2 victory would be sweet payback for the French-Bosnian roster. 


So, prepare your bets and get ready for the match later as these 2 big teams will clash for a whopping 1 million dollars for First Place! 


Will s1mple win his first major? 


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