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Dota2 BTS Pro Series 13: SEA Upper Bracket Final AG vs Geek Fam 

Mary C

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Army Geniuses 

Army Geniuses performed incredibly well for us during the regular season, finishing first in the standings with five victories, one defeat, and three ties, barely beating out their rivals, the Geek Fam, who have been attempting to catch up with them from the beginning. 

They performed even better in the playoffs, expertly knocking out third-place finishers Fnatic to the lower bracket of the playoffs, and now they’re aiming to do the same to second place finishers Geek Fam. With DB being the player to watch out for, the Indonesian team is currently ranked 51st in the world. In the match against Nature’s Prophet, the offlaner poses a serious threat while InYourDream plays carry; Yowe controls the midlane; Jhocam roams; Varizh provides rigid support, and wormy serves as a backup carry. See if they have what it takes to knock Geek Fam out and place them in the lower bracket. 

Geek Fam 

They have been on Army Geniuses tails from the start of the game, finishing second in the regular season, and they haven’t relented despite the fact that failing here would send them to the lower bracket, where they would have to compete against one more team. They gave us great performance, winning five games, drawing two, and losing two, one against Army Geniuses. Geek Fam is seeking retribution in this playoff game. To win, the Malaysian team will have to work hard.  

With his Gyrocopter and Faceless void, their carry, Skem, poses a threat to opponents on the field. NARMAN is the roamer; Kokz is in the midlane; Force is in the offlane, and Roddgee is on hard support. In both the regular season and the playoffs, they have demonstrated their strength. 


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