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Dota2 BTS Pro Series 13: SEA Lower Bracket R2 

Mary C

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Fnatic vs Lilgun  


In the most recent game, the Fnatic squad played in a dreadful manner. The squad wasted a chance with a carry valora during the first match versus Army Geniuses 0-2. The roster demonstrated an incapacity to utilize talented characters. In the second map, generally speaking, the Indonesians defeated the Fnatic man with an already winning sniper at full free farm.  

At the group stage, it's still impossible to anticipate impressive results from this team because Fnatic is underwhelmed as well, but the Filipinos must put up a fight against the Mongols.  


The Lilgun squad debuted in January 2021; it was composed entirely of pure Mongolian players and came together just for the DPC leagues. Although the team comfortably won the second division, shocking the entire region, the Mongols were unable to compete in the elite division the previous year. The strongest Mongolian team will begin the new season among the top Southeast Asian teams after spending the entire previous campaign in the second divisions, but in the summer, they were able to secure a spot in the elite. Lilgun advanced to the playoffs; however, in the opening game, they managed to defeat their fellow countrymen from Purple Paradox.


EHOME vs Execration 


A lack of personnel in the Chinese region pushes formerly title and well-known organizations to sign compositions with virtually no name on them. There nonetheless, EHOME was not an exception, having acquired the Unity Gaming team, which had just competed in BTS Pro Series Season 13 and had also recently been created. 

At the group stage, three Chinese players and two Malaysian players were able to crack the Top 4 of the table and begin the playoffs from the winners' bracket, where they were cruelly hammered by Geek Fam players with 0-2. The debut of EHOME on the new roster took place in the match with Geek Fam, and it couldn’t have been worse for the lads representing the new brand. 


Execration distinguishes out for its experience when compare to the other competitors in this competition. The team formed in the Philippines participated in numerous elite matches and even traveled to Kyiv for the major season before last. However, the squad was unsuccessful the previous year and currently lost a spot in the elite. But even so, the Filipinos will begin a new DPC style in the Southeast Asian elite; thanks to their success in the summer league in the second division. 

The squad often has an ordinary group stage at BTS Pr series Season 13, but it gets its first opportunity in the playoffs. Remember that in season 11 and 12, Execration won the tournament’s vice championship, and in season 10, they made it to the Top 4. As a result, the Filipinos have had a positive playoff experience as they once again proved by convincingly defeating the SPAWN Team in their most recent game in the lower bracket’s first round with 2-0. Furthermore, based on how EHOME performed yesterday, we can anticipate how far the Filipinos will go. 

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