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December - All Leaderboards

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I am releasing the leaderboards for the month of November (released in December)!

1.3 Million goes to 2000 agents who had low or negative commission for two consecutive cut offs.

1.5 Million goes to 232 AM who have kept their network clean and helped 747 to recover frauds (bonus list)

1.5 Million goes to the Top50 CM to get ready for the Christmas initiatives 🙂

1.833 Million goes to the top 2000 players

other bonuses here and there, for a total of 6.50 Million just sent out! 

You can check here how the leaderboard works.



December - Low commission agents leaderboard.pdf Dec 1 - CM leaderboard.pdf Dec 1 - RM leaderboard.pdf Dec 1 - AM leaderboard.pdf Dec 1 - Agents leaderboard.pdf

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14 hours ago, Kengkeng08 said:

This is unfair! Every agent who do hardworks finding player should have bonus! Not just those who doesn’t have commissions in two consecutive cutoff! All players even they won deserves bonus! This is something like being controled!

Cant you just be happy thatbonuses were given. You wont find this kind of perks on other casinos where 747 is sharing part of their profits by giving rewards on different categories. And by the way bonus is not an obligation by the owner so you are right it is like being controlled in a way of sharing even if it is not compulsary.

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