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Dota2 BTS Pro Series 13: SEA Lower Bracket R1 

Mary C

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Purple Paradox vs Lilgun 

Purple paradox 

Another Mongolian team came quite close to making it all the way to the top bracket of the playoffs in this competition. The team’s cards displayed a 9-9 record, with three victories, three draws and three losses. The team is interesting; Valky and Fearlssla previously played for the Filipino Team Neon while the other members are largely unknown on the international stage.  

The team is odd: Valky and Fearlssla previously played for the Filipino Team Neon while the other members are largely unknown on the international stage. Notably, the team at the Mongolian tournament MESA Champions: GEG Edition 2022 was unable to get through the semifinals last September, but the players were able to display the game better than Mongols from Lilgun team. 


The Lilgun team debuted around January 2022; it was composed entirely of pure Mongolian players and came together just for the DPC leagues. Although the team comfortably won the second division, shocking the entire region, the Mongols were unable to compete in the elite division the previous year. The strongest Mongolian team will begin the new season among the top teams in Southeast Asia after spending the entire previous campaign in the second divisions, but in the summer, they were able to secure a spot in the elite. 

Army Geniuses is the strongest team in this group stage despite the team having only one victory in this tournament. Otherwise, three losses were followed by five draws. Lilgun advanced to the playoffs, but they will win this game. 


SPAWN Team vs Execration 

SPAWN Team  

Although the newly created Indonesian team SPAWN Team was able to perform admirably in the group stage of this competition, it is difficult to anticipate ongoing improvements and advancement in the lower bracket. On the final game day of the previous stage, this team had a chance to score the game-winning goal, but the Indonesians were unable to complete the task. More specifically, they were able to earn a spot at the top of the playoff bracket with their own efforts, but their last match ended with a draw against XERXIA. 


Execration distinguishes out for its experience when compared to the other competitors in this tournament. The Filipino team participated in the major in Kyiv last year and played a lot in the elite. However, the squad was unsuccessful the previous year and currently lost a spot in the elite. But nonetheless, the Filipinos will begin a new DPC cycle in the Southeast Asian elite; thanks to their success in the summer league in the second division. 

The squad typically has an ordinary group stage at BTS Pro Series 13, but it gets its first opportunity in the playoffs. Remember that Execration made it into the TOP 4 in 10 seasons and was the vice champion in 11 and 12. We are anticipating the Filipinos in the following round of the lower bracket because they are prepared for their experience playing in the playoffs and have everything in order. 

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