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Dota2 BTS Pro Series 13: SEA Playoffs 

Mary C

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Dota 2 competitions resume as usual, and the BTS Pro Series Season 13 SEA is on the agenda. 

This pleased fans after Beyond the Summit recently revealed that they probably won’t be holding Dota 2 competitions in the upcoming season. But as long as BTS is around, we may enjoy the exciting scene of the scene Southeast Asia’s artists. 

After its thirteenth generation since the year 2020, the BTS Pro Series doesn’t require an introduction as it is well-known for its comprehensive format, which consists of group stage and playoffs. While the group stage is a best two single round robin, the playoffs are a best-of-three format (except the best if five grand finals). 

The 10 competing teams include some Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) veteransAmong the group stage competitors, Fnatic, Execration, Army Geniuses, and Lilgun are all likely to be fan favorites. Out all of the orgs, we weren’t really prepared for Geek Fam to come back. Even though Geek Fam disbanded last 2020, throughout its active years, it was essential in the debuts of several prominent players.  

Particularly notable were the former T1 players Kenny””Xepher” Deo, Matther “Whitemon” Filemon, and Carlo “Kuku” Palad. Additionally, Cheng “NothingToSay Jin Xiang, the mid player of PSG.LGD, a former member from the earlier era of Geek Fam. 

There are newbies who are unacquainted and may have hidden potential among these renowned namesakes. Neon Atomic, XERXIA, SPAWN Team, Unity Gaming, and Purple Paradox are the remaining teams. 

You’d be intrigued to learn that the amateur teams in the 13th season of the BTS Pro Series SEA are serious contenders. On the first day of the tournament, SPAWN and Atomic contested the seasoned DPC staples.  

With a solid pick, Atomic was able to steal a game from Army Geniuses and Lilgun. From a distance, it appears to be a team fight-focused game with an enormous scaling potential. When Atomic, for instance, delivered mid Mars, AG was apparently caught off guard as they anticipated it was an offlane pick. 

While they certainly weren’t anticipating this mind game, they had to take AG’s hard carry Lifestealer into account when making the Slarder last pick. Atomic’s ease with their Naga and Mars picks has hidden the Silence, which seemed to be the true gem of their draft. The support from the Silencer made it possible to have a impactful fights, which at the same time was very crucial in shutting down Lilgun’s line-up. 

SPAWN, who also dominated Lilgun at the BTS Pro Series S13 SEA, appears to be another unassuming contender. When combined with their synergy, their heavy snowballing tactics and AOE magic damage line-up make up for a dangerous combo. 

Fnatics has not yet confirmed their roster as teams compete in the group stage. They won’t be competing until Day 4; thus, it is yet to be confirmed who will make up Fnatic’s lineup at this point. At the BTS Pro Series S12 and the international, FNC’s late season performances were slow. 

To recap, we already know that they dismissed their hard carry and offlane players, Marc “Raven” Fausto and Anucha”Jabz” Jirawong. Jabz’s departure was a major blow, as for Raven’s departure, it was expected given that teams typically replace hard carry payers in shuffles. Jabz is the leader of Fnatic, the team responsible for the resilient Enigma offlane drafts. 

JaunuelJaunuel” Arcilla, Fnatic’s current hard support player, will most likely won’t be performing the captain’s role, which is traditionally played by pos5 supports. There were simply two possible choices for captain. With that being said, Djardel ”DJ” Mampusti, the pos4 support in Fnatic, is famous for his technical ability in drafting, but he was less involved in selections last session. 

Or a new offlane player will also serve as the captain and drafter. Additionally, there is Kuku, who is now a free agent, and the only offlane player that is a captain. Although the roster speculations being circulated are noteworthy, it is likely that Fnatics’s upcoming lineup for BTS Pro Series S13 SEA will be unveiled shortly. 


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