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The 75th season of 20-2021 NBA continues as Miami Heat faces Boston Celtics this November 5 at FTX Arena, Miami FL. With their most recent toss-up resulting in a 121-100 victory for Heat, will the Celtics pick themselves back up from defeat? Find out the recent game predictions, player strategies, and prospects for this upcoming match. 

The start of November has brought a success to Miami Heat as they dominated Dallas Mavericks last Tuesday with a score of 125-110. This is the team’s fifth straight win with four players scoring a record 22 or more points each against the Mavericks. Top scorers were Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro where they bested the opposing team with maximum offense and outstanding shots all over the court. Miami Heat lead the score for three out of the four quarters. This is no doubt something the Celtics should look out for in their upcoming matchup. Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra, interviewed after the game, lauded that the team’s performance has been recently satisfactory and the home court advantage for the upcoming games will be a great morale boost for the players and fans alike. 

Boston Celtics, on the other hand, has had a disappointing gameplay this season. With consistent losses last month, it is up to their starting lineup—Smart (Point Guard), Brown (Shooting Guard), Tatum (Small Forward), Horford (Power Forward), Williams III (Center)—to improve their next gameplay. The team has been off to a not so stellar start as infightings and callouts coming from teammates and coach riddle the team ever since the start of the season. The franchise’s 18th head coach, Ime Udoka, needs to keep hold to his promise to turn things around for the team since, recently their in-court performance has been underachieving. 

Miami Heat is going to host the first two consecutive games at home court facing Boston Celtics. Stream the game through the NBA League Pass on November 5, 2021 07:30 PM PST and follow updates at nba.com. 

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