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PG | Stephen Curry 

SG | Andrew Wiggins 

SF | Jordan Poole 

PF | Draymond Green 

C | Damion Lee 



PG | Lamelo Ball 

SG | Kelly Oubre Jr 

SF | Gordon Hayward 

PF | Miles Bridges 

C | Mason Plumlee 


The NBA has named the Players of the Week for Week 1 of the 2021-22 season: Stephen Curry (33) and Miles Bridges (23). Curry is the Western Conference Player of the Week and Bridges for the Eastern counterpart. Coincidentally, these players are from the teams that will be facing off on November 4, 2021 at 10 AM (PST) — the Golden State Warriors versus Charlotte’s Hornets. Looking for a winning prediction? Or just want to impress your friends with a good guess? This is our take on the match that will take place this November 4 at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California.  


After the Golden State Warriors’ whopping victory over Oklahoma City Thunder with a 103-82 score, it was quite a brutal play. It was a comfortable match for Golden State, showing no intimidation or hesitance from OKC Thunder whatsoever— ouch! The Warriors debuted rookie Jonathan Kuminga during the blowout, making it even more embarrassingly painful for the Thunders. That’s quite a notch in Kuminga’s belt though! The Charlotte Hornets, on the other hand, also settled their latest match with the Portland Trail Blazers with a notable 125-113 score. The Trail Blazers played relatively neck-and-neck with the Hornets during the first half, but the Hornets pushed the Trail Blazers way behind, wasting no time for the second half. With 20 3-pointers and 36 assists, the Hornets are currently the league’s second-best offense so far.  


As one team champions an offensive style of play, going head to head against one of the league’s most well-grounded defensive teams will definitely be an interesting game. Looking at the players, GSW truly has an advantage with fan-favorite Stephen Curry. Curry being 10 years older than Hornets’ Miles Bridges, Curry is a seasoned player who has played 13 seasons in the NBA and has a 68.8% playoffs record. Luckily enough for the Hornets, they have another promising new talent under their roster. 20-year-old LaMelo Ball was 2020-21’s Rookie of the Year and fans, enthusiasts, and news outlets alike are already seeing massive potential. Will these young players overwrite the Hornets' doom-filled history with greatness? We say yes, but not yet, or at least not against the Warriors yet.   


Our call is that GSW will win with a significant margin. While the Trail Blazers are known for their defense systems, Golden State’s impressive offense plays (108.9 offensive rating) and their rather decent defense tactic (96.2 defensive rating) are quite the nightmare. Great things await these promising new players that are already leading the Hornets to victories. We’ll see if they can manage to shake the world of NBA with an unexpected win against the Warriors at the Chase Center in San Francisco, CA. For now, we’re on the Warriors with this one. 

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