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MMA: Achilles Estremadura vs Maheshate

Mary C

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747 Live MMA: Achilles Estremadura vs Maheshate

Headlining on the 3rd of November, Achilles Estremadura faces Maheshate on the final week of the Contender Series at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Achilles Estremadura is the current Battlefield Fight League lightweight champion fighting out of Vancouver, British Columbia while Maheshate is an up-and-coming welterweight contender from China. Wager in your fight predictions. Here is a face-off of the competitors for the main event. 


13 LW Canada 

Achilles Estremadura 



29 years 7 months 

152.8 lbs 



Axe Capoeira Vancouver 

Ranking (Rank-Class-Country) 


Record (Win-Lose-Draw) 


Age at Fight 





13 WW China 




21 years 11 months 

170.9 lbs 



Enbo Fight Club 


With an undefeated record, Achilles Estremadura has been rearing to return to the cage to defend his title against a new opponent. As fans may recall, he and his explosive fighting style have been a crowd favorite since his debut knockout against Yannick Pare last 2015. The unbeaten 29-year-old is on track to land a place on the UFC roster with his lethally proven and infallible aggression with one more contender attempting to throw him off the ring—Maheshate.  


As the numbers do not lie, Maheshate is a worthy underdog Estremadura should not underestimate. With age, height, weight, and reach advantage, Maheshate’s upbringing as a regional fighter in China Pro’s Welterweight and Lightweight Division packs a serious threat for the current champion. As he debuts his worldwide matchup, fans and analysts alike are rearing to witness the potential of another formidable fighter.  


Both fighters are currently on an undefeated winning streak. But the upcoming main event for Dana White’s Contender Series will decide only one fighter victorious. Who will be at odds of winning? Find out on November 3, 2021, 8 AM (PST) as DWCS streams on ESPN+. 

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