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747 Xmas Raffle - 7470 Lucky Winners Every Minute


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🎄💰7470 Lucky Winners This Christmas Week💰🎄


Are you all ready to win? Brace yourself as Seven will be giving cash prize to 7470 lucky winners this Christmas week! It's indeed a season to be jolly! #ChristmasFeels💛


Do you want to be one of the 7470 lucky winners? Then, read on! Christmas week might just be your luckiest week. 💰


Important Information:

  • To participate, players can sign up here.

  • Starting December 19, 2022, there will be a live draw every minute of every day.

  • You can watch the live draw here

  • Starting December 19 - December 24, 2022, each draw will be based on the Polygon blockchain to guarantee transparency and fairness to our dear players.




1. Enter Xmas Grand Raffle with Jingles 🎅

Starting November 1, all players who have placed at least one bet the day before and have participated in the Great Xmas Raffle Draw will receive a number of entries. 

Every day, you will receive: 

  • up to 5 entries depending on the amount you bet and the number of bets you placed on Sports and Casino the previous day; and

  • 1 entry for each day you placed at least one bet during the 15 days before. If you placed at least 1 bet every day during the past 15 days, you will receive 15 entries.  

The number of entries you receive for each criterion is proportional to the average amount that players on 747 score on each criterion. For example: During the previous day, the average bet amount on sport of all players on 747 is 1,000.00, and you have bet 1,000.00. This means that you will get 5 entries. If you have bet more, you will still take 5 entries. If you bet less than that, you will take less entries. 

Entries are numbered starting from 1. 

Entries are made of two parts: class and serial. The class indicates the day, and the serial indicates the progressive number of the entry in that day. 

For example, the entry 9EK 24552 is to be read as: 

9EK is the class, standing as day identifier (25 May 22). 

24552 is the progressive entry number for that day. 

In the same day, all players will receive entries with the same class. 

The number of entries is generated every day. 


2. Xmas draw all around the air 🎁💰

  • There are 7470 lucky winners this Christmas. The raffle draw will happen every minute. 🕑🕝

  • 🗓️The raffle draw will start on December 19,2022 at 4:00 pm. We will have winners every minute until December 24, 2022.

  • 🤑The first drawn prize is the least valuable one, and the last drawn prize is the most valuable one. 

  • To draw each prize, we use the Polygon blockchain. The blockchain is an immutable, decentralized and distributed ledger that nobody on earth can tamper and that everybody on earth can verify. This assures everybody that each draw is legit. 

  • After each draw, an email is sent to the winner, and the prize is credited to the player account on 747. 


3. How to be sure it's legit? 

The system retrieves from the Polygon blockchain the block number that was created exactly at or slightly before a minute before the draw time.  

Once the block is determined, the system takes its hash code, and from such a code, it extracts up to 19 digits reading left-to-right. 

The resulting number is then divided by the number of entries of the day. The remainder of the division is taken, and "1" is added. This is the winning entry number. 

Example of draw and verification 

On the website www.747raffle.com, you can see the latest winners.  


Well, Santa Seven has heard all your wishes!

Jiggle the jingle bells all the way and make way for the biggest winning this Christmas week!💰🎄

For more details, visit 747 Xmas.

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