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CSGO PGL Major Stockholm Legends Stage

Mary C

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CSGO PGL Major Stockholm Legends Stage


Gambit vs Virtus Pro 


Gambit finished 5th at the IEM New York 2020 CIS, earning $3,000 and 1875 RMR points, but it's clear that they'll be rewarded considerably more for their performances at the LOOT.BET Season 8 tournament. They advanced after eliminating Heretics and then destroying sAw in the semifinals as well as booking a spot in the DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 Europe by defeating 9INE and Endpoint.  Gambit won nine of the previous ten matches. 


Gambit was the previous top 1 in the world before NaVi took it out from them. 

Meanwhile, Virtus Pro seems to be the favorite here. With the combination of Yekindar and Jame, they have won and comeback few games that shouldn't have been won. Virtus Pro is at its peak, and hopefully they can take a major since it's been a long time since these boys won any. 


Faze vs Copenhagen Flames 


The third-best Danish team competing in the PGL Stockholm Major Challengers Stage, Copenhagen Flames, did the unthinkable. With a spotless record, the troops led by Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen defeated Heroic, the country's top CS:GO team, 2-0 in their pool match to qualify for the Legends Stage. 


So far in the tournament, the Flames has been flawless. They beat Astralis and BIG and continued to play like top contenders today. HooXi and his teammates won Vertigo (16-11), witnessed Heroic draw the series on Nuke (16-12), and defeated their opponents on Overpass (16-12), the series' deciding map, after being down 9-1 in the first half. 


Copenhagen Flames is actually not the favorites here to win the major, but they have shown us that they got the skill and the mindset to win this tournament. 


On the other hand, Faze Clan, is the favorite in this match up. Faze Clan has shown us that they are not taking the 3rd place trophy again and will surely bring home the trophy. Their performance was magnificent, and strategies were beautifully executed. 


If you have seen their game against Virtus Pro, then you will surely be amazed of what teamwork and well-planned strategy can do. 


Let us see these 2 teams battle it out. 


Astralis vs Heroic 


Astralis and Heroic are both superb teams. They stand on the same ranking in the New Challengers stage, winning 3 out of 5 matches within just a brick for elimination. 


We can say that Heroic's time in the New Challenger Stage wasn't great since they were up 2-0 and then falling to Entropiq and Copehagen Flames but managed to win the deciding series against Movistar Riders. 


Astralis, on the other hand, came back with a deficit of 0-2. 


They lost to Copenhagen Flames and Entropiq in the first 2 series, and they were battling the last 3 series in order to qualify for the New Legends. They won against Godsent (2-0), Pain Gaming (2-0) and Team Spirit (2-0) in the last 3 series and successfully grabbed a spot on the New Legends. 


Later, we will find out who deserves to qualify to the Champions Stage. 

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