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it's not about money winning


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it's not about money winning its about fun and excitement it's about family ... for me 747 is one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life. I've win  so much and I'm thankful for that. and u know guys what makes me feel a champion a winner?!? ... I found new family I found new friends I feel happy and inspired if I play... I have struggle for depression and anxiety  but bcoz of 747live I found family I found new friends and I find my old self... I get more inspired specially I am now an agent I found new love bcoz of 747... so it's not all about gambling . 747 makes me feel new person again and that's what I'm proud of..  win or loss ... I'm still called my self A WINNER mentally emotionally and physically...

to the stuff ... live support to the host of live casinos to the people behind this 747live... thank you very much . mostly to the CEO PRESIDENT AND THE OWNER OF 747 LIVE SIR u make me live again thank you very much... and to my team ... team bryan our city manager  team lucky charm our area manager thank you for giving me another family I won't never ever forget you all... and to my team money champ to all my players keep it up whatever happened through thick and thin I'm still your agent who always grateful to all of you.. with out you guys I'm not in this second level of my achievements... 



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