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CSGO IEM RIO 2022 Champions stage Quarterfinals

Mary C

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Early this month, 24 CS:GO teams from around the globe descended upon Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in an effort to win the IEM Rio Major 2022 and the majority of the $1,250,000 prize pool. Only eight teams have emerged as champions after two rounds of the competition to take home this magnificent Major trophy. 

The IEM Rio Major 2022's Legends Stage is now over, and CS:GO fans can now look forward to the Champions Stage, which will include the tournament's playoff bracket. Over the following four days, the eight CS:GO teams that are still in the competition will face off in an effort to win a victor's prize worth $500,000. 

As the second and last Major of the year, IEM Rio 2022, nears its completion, CS:GO fans can anticipate a weekend of breathtaking encounters. IEM Rio 2022 is providing us with a compelling bracket. The Playoffs bracket appears to be ideally calibrated both in terms of how it will look in the future and how the matchups will feel right away. The Champions Stage of the competition will take place live at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's Jeunesse Arena, as opposed to the tournament's earlier stages, which were staged in Riocentro. 

There is a lot to read through with four elimination series over the next two days. Let's begin straight away. 


OUTSIDERS VS FNATIC image.thumb.jpeg.1c1131d7fd6b133b2014a77ff449cba8.jpeg

This is going to be one-sided contest with a significant lead for one squad. Begin with the present state. Outsiders overcame reputable teams like MOUZ, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Spirit while winning three games in a row. However, despite their ups and downs, fnatic won by defeating BIG and ENCE. 

It will be simple to predict the map veto for this best of three games. Nuke and Dust 2 are receiving permanent bans. This indicates that Overpass should be the map chosen by fnatic whereas Inferno is the map that Outsiders should choose. 

Before we wrap off with this prediction, there are a few things you should be aware of. These two teams competed with one another in the Challengers Stage, and the game was incredibly one-sided. That speaks a lot that Outsiders destroyed Fnatic after just one (1) round of Overpass. Overall, we think Jame and his team will win this match with ease. 


MOUZ VS CLOUD 9 image.thumb.jpeg.873f8704a186e79e98f1d8988a1ae51d.jpeg

Six straight victories for Cloud9 have them going stronger than ever. MOUZ, on the other side, has two wins and two losses over their last four games. It's also crucial to note that MOUZ struggled against teams like ENCE, Outsiders, and BIG whereas Cloud9 defeated prominent competitors like Natus Vincere and FaZe. 

For this one, it is not necessary to go into great detail about map veto. Only Inferno or Mirage makes sense for MOUZ, and we don't believe they possess the skills it requires to defeat Cloud9 on either of these maps. For Cloud9, they have a huge advantage and can choose between Vertigo and Overpass. 

Overall, Cloud9 is scorching hot right now, and it appears like nobody can beat them. It looks like sh1ro and his side will win this match after two maps. 




We should expect a tight battle overall, and this one will be quite entertaining. So far at IEM Rio, Heroic has seemed reliable. Despite being severely outplayed by Cloud9, they continued to play strong Counter-Strike. That was demonstrated by victories against fnatic, Outsiders, and Liquid. 

Yet, Spirit was completely absent from the best-of-one matches. Although they were beaten by FURIA and Outsiders, both of these bo1s could have ended differently. The Brazilian team quickly recovered with wins over Sprout and Liquid. 

It will be challenging to anticipate a valid map veto, but we'll attempt nevertheless. Heroic is permanently banning Dust 2, but Spirit wants to take out Inferno first. Additionally, Nuke appears to be a sensible choice for Spirit in this match, and Overpass ought to be Heroic's default map in this match. 

In all honesty, we think Heroic is the superior team in this game. On Nuke, they can compete, and on Overpass, they will get their way. Clearly, the smart bet is on the Danish side. 




To wrap things up with a pretty straightforward match breakdown:  It is undeniable that Natus Vincere is among the best Counter-Strike esports teams. However, s1mple and team found themselves in a great deal of danger following a shaky start and two 16-14 losses to Cloud9 and Liquid. 

They were guaranteed a position in the playoffs after two quick wins over the Bad News Eagles and BIG. In contrast, FURIA won six straight games, but they weren't up against the same level of opposition. In this situation, pressing forward with Natus Vincere is the only sensible option. 

It is unlikely that NaVI won't meme their path towards another victory. 

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