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One of the most famous rivalries in the NBA league— the team that nurtured the legendary Michael Jordan against one of the most lucrative franchises in the NBA. Chicago Bulls versus New York Knicks. Would this be the game to reignite the decades-long rivalry of the teams? Do the Bulls still have their 90s finesse or will the Knicks outplay them again? This awaited game is to be held on Friday, October 29, 2021, 8 AM at the United Center in Chicago. 


April 2021, the Knicks beat the Bulls with a 113-94 score but the Bulls seemed to have upped their game since then, especially with Bulls’ trio, LaVine, Vucevic, and DeRozan. To gauge how this game will play out, let’s look at four (4) main factors: effective field goal percentage (EFG%), turnover percentage (TOV%), percentage of Team's Offensive Rebounds (OREB%), and rate of Free Throws Attempted (FTA rate). If considering these numbers alone, Knicks has the Bulls beat with 54.3 EFG%, 12.9 TOV%, 26.3 OREB%, and a .235 FTA rate in comparison to Bulls’ 52.1 EFG%, 14.5 TOV%, 22.1 OREB%, and .228 FTA rate.  


NY took a momentous leap in the right direction when they finished 4th-place in last season’s Eastern Conference. NY showed the NBA that their contending team doesn’t just depend on seasoned veterans but also young talents. As for one of the biggest dynasties in basketball history, the Bulls have done exceptionally well on Week 1. Though the Pelicans and Pistons aren’t the most challenging competitors, the Bulls’ strategy during those matches was one to watch. Now, the Bulls just have to prove they still belong to the upper echelons of the playoffs. 


Our prediction? Both teams will be delivering a feisty and exciting game for all fans and enthusiasts alike! With the return of the high-caliber Mitchell Robinson though, by a hair we can expect that the Knicks will take this one home. Let’s just hope the Bulls make it interesting. 


The Bulls and the Knicks grapple their way up the ranks once again at the United Center in Chicago, this Friday, October 29, 2021, 8 AM PST (7:00 pm Tuesday, in Chicago). 

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