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November - All Leaderboards

747 Live

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I am releasing the leaderboards for the month of October!

1.5 Million goes to 2500 agents who had low or negative commission for two consecutive cut offs.

You can check here how the leaderboard works.



Nov 1 - Leaderboards - low comm agents.pdf Nov 1 - Leaderboards - RM.pdf Nov 1 - Leaderboards - AM.pdf Nov 1 - Leaderboards - CM.pdf Nov 1 - Leaderboards - AG.pdf

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Thank you 747 for the opportunity,and hope the changes that you build will not affect the agent Ang the player, our concern is the cash in and cash out changes hope it will still remain that the loader will be the one to do the task,because not all player is know about paygram ✌️😁

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23 hours ago, NhezEu said:

Hope to win 🤩

This can help motivate me as an Agent , i wish even i got only few players, u allow me to win😔 coz im doing a effort to invite more players to play to 747.

As a stay at home mom being a Agent of 747 help me a lot even my commision right now is not that higher, it helps me to pay bills and buy some of our needs at home😇

I hope this site will last😇



On 11/1/2022 at 9:26 PM, Hungry Bear said:


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On 11/1/2022 at 9:26 PM, Hungry Bear said:

Hope to win this month,,always negative😞😞😞🙏🙏🙏

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