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The International 11: Upper Bracket Round 1 Oct 21

Mary C

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Team Aster vs Team Liquid 

The first round of the top bracket will feature a match between Team Liquid and Team Aster. Who is going to maintain their ability to make mistakes, and who will be forced to use them as they advance through the tournament bracket? What kind of a series is this going to be? 


The Liquids' performance was inconsistent. On one hand, they, like OG, consistently received major picks despite the fierce rivalry in the area. Team Liquid, struggled in both Arlington and Stockholm. The iNSaNiA squad played hardly at all in the group stage before losing in the opening round of the bottom bracket. A very lackluster performance at the commercial ESL One Malaysia 2022 was contributed to this. The group easily proceeded to Last Chance, where they were officially qualified for The International's main stage. 


The choices made by Team Liquid fit the game as a whole, however because of the "highlights" in the picks, it is feasible to get a sizable beginning advantage. It is challenging to manage the pressure of the "liquid" on the lining. Absolute control starts in the middle of the game, as characterizes European teams, and the advantage can increase rapidly. However, Team Liquid's first drawback is that occasionally they let themselves to make blunders on major networks, forcing you to focus about preserving your personal throne rather than assuming control. The second-highest ratio of assists to kills among all TI 11 participants is almost 66 assists for every 29 kills, indicating that players maneuver skillfully and seek out advantageous trades. 


The mental component of Team Liquid might be its second drawback. The group failed to win a single match in the playoffs of significant competitions throughout the year. Thy" will undoubtedly sense this pressure within themselves. Additionally, they had to compete against one of The International 11's favorites right away in the top bracket. 


The Chinese organization has long sought the ideal mix of members to produce excellent results. The Stars excelled in local competitions and local DPC leagues, but at major tournaments and International Series events, it appeared that players had been changed. They had trouble advancing through the group stages and remaining outside the top 8. But things have drastically changed as of 2022. The team's performance in China did not suffer with the addition of Ori and Siamece.C, but Team Aster fared much better at the most recent major in Arlington. Aster lost just to the eventual tournament winner Team Spirit as they advanced to the top 3. The team advanced to the final at ESL One Malaysia a short while later but lost against BO5 OG. 


In standby, Team Aster triumphed over the group stage. The Chinese squad was unmatched in the first two days, but there was a slight drift in the final four sets. After Fnatic's unexpected loss, an odd series of events occurred: Team Secret lost, Thunder Awaken drew, and Team Spirit's final map was over in less than 20 minutes. There is a hypothesis that following one defeat, Chinese teams get into the tilt state. LaNm, though, has up to three days to get the players back on track. 


But it turns out that the Chinese team was unable to defeat the other teams that advanced from Group B to the top bracket after the group stage. A win, a defeat, or both. There is a perception that Team Aster players struggle to find the appropriate moves to win matches versus comparable teams. The Chinese will also struggle in BO3 versus Team Liquid considering their losing record in matches on Monday and Tuesday, and their success is not certain. 

Team Aster is unquestionably a formidable opponent, but Liquid have looked fantastic in the Groups. While much will rely on whether of Du "Monet" Peng and MATUMBAMAN plays better, we predict Liquid will win 2-1. 


OG vs Tundra 


Analysts think OG rediscovered their stride in the waning moments of the Group Stage and will likely comeback with a reverse-sweep after losing the first match. Tundra Esports and OG will be a difficult matchup and can be anyone's victory. 


For most groups, going up against OG and their fan base would be a big gamble, but not Tundra Esports. They made the perfect choice to take on OG rather than their alternate, PSG.LGD. Although OG is not a routine team, they are undoubtedly more vulnerable to Tundra's talent. Each team is probably regulars at bootcamp, which makes this match more convenient for both of them. 


Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf is one player on OG who has attracted the interest. Nevertheless, Twitch chat will probably be buzzing at the moment as the player feeds with the correct defenses and bans. Given the power boost it provides when left unchecked in lane, Slardar ought to be a must-ban for Tundra. It wouldn't be too shocking for any team to fall in this series because it will be close on both ends. 




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