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l4org vs gz 


L4ORG short for Looking for Organization are ex-avant players. 

The team dropped its roster because of its consistent under performance. 

But coming in to ESL Australia and New Zealand, they have showed everyone that they are still a good team despite the constant negative comments on the CSGO community saying that they should retire because they have no future in CSGO anymore. 

They are currently the top 1 seed in the group play and are the best team in ANZ this year.  

On the other hand, Ground Zero, is the top 6 seed in this tournament. So far, they just barely made it and will battle against l4org for the grand final spot. 

Ground Zero in these past 2 years hasn't achieved anything. They constantly keep getting 3rd to 4th places and haven't qualified any big tournaments inside the 2-year with the organization. 

Hopefully, GZ can achieve something in the ESL ANZ Champs. 

In the last 3 head-to-head between these teams, GZ never won against L4Org; therefore, we can say that L4Org will dominate GZ unless GZ has a strategy up their sleeves. 



Order vs Vertex ESC 


Vertex ESC has been giving us an OK performance so far in this tournament. They are the top 3 in the group play just short of Order. They won 3 out of 4 matches, 1 which was on lower bracket to get them to semifinals. Vertex ESC is a suitable opponent for Order if we want to see a good match.  

On the other hand, Order is the top 2 seed in the tournament. They were the former top 1 team in ANZ, but they seem to fall slowly in rankings.  

But coming into this tournament, they haven't lost a single map and dominated every opponent. They will face with vertex for the Grand Final spot which we can all say will be in their favor. 

From their 23 head-to-head matches, Order has won 18 of those while Vertex only managed to grab 5. 

We shall see what Vertex ESC can bring us later this afternoon in order for them to have a spot in the Grand Final. 

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