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Dota 2 The International 11 Main Stage

Mary C

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The time has finally come, the players are prepared, and the Aegis of Champions has been re-erected, indicating that The International 2022 is about to begin in Singapore. 


Having followed a revamp that included a Last Chance Qualifier, which has seen Team Secret and Team Liquid punch their tickets at the last moment, 16 groups are now ready to compete on Dota 2's grandest event for a portion of a prize pool that has recently exceeded $15 million. 


Evil Geniuses is the first team to be selected for the upper bracket of the TI11 Main Event. 


After beating Gaimin Gladiators 2-0 on the third day of the TI11 group stage, the North American team managed to win an upper bracket playoff place. 


At the time of this post, Evil Geniuses leads Group A with a 12-2 record. 

After two underwhelming performances in the previous two Dota 2 Majors of the DPC 2022 season, EG has returned to becoming an international superstar team. 


PSG.LGD, OG, Hokori, BetBoom Team, and BOOM Esports were all defeated by the North American team. But one team they couldn't beat was Team Liquid, the runner-up in the TI11 LCQ. 


With Tal "Fly" Aizik back as captain, EG's draft picks and overall gameplay performance appear to have vastly developed. When using versatile heroes like Primal Beast or Shadow Fiend, the group is essentially unbeaten. 


Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko has also surfaced as one of the tournament's star players thus far. As per DotaBuff, the 20-year-old actually has the greatest KDA record with 16.42. 


BOOM Esports and Fnatic have withstood The International 2022's group stage to obtain a place in the playoffs, despite a challenging 4 days. 


Boom Esports completed as the eighth seed in Group A, whereas Fnatic was the fifth seed in Group B. 


Talon, another SEA organization, was eliminated from the group upon getting swept by Entity Gaming in the deciding game series for Group B's final seed. 


Boom Esports had a difficult group because they suffered from the start. Even after having an advantage in the early stages of the game, OG pushed them in their first series. It foreshadowed what was going to come over the following three days as the team tried to establish their rhythm. 


They only won three games in two days, finishing the second day as the eighth seed. Sad to say, on day three, they went 0-6 and were swept in all three of their series, complicating their playoff chances. They finished with a 3-13 record, and became the tenth and final seed in Group A. 


Boom had a 1.42 percent chance of getting out of groups, according to renowned Dota 2-stats man Ben Steenhuisen. 


The Boys from Manila, on the other hand, would defy the odds. They came out swinging right away, handing EG their third loss of the group stage in under 39 minutes. 


The top picks in North America would succumb without a fight. In the second match, EG found their tempo, as Artour "RTZ" Babaev's Naga Siren gradually choked out Boom's map and early stages of the game lead. But Boom would grasp on, finding a team wipe in the 41st minute despite being 12k down. 


They would maintain their advantage from there, but EG would stay near. Boom would not force EG to tap out until the 55th minute. Handling a team wipe following a huge Blackhole refresher play onto EG's cores that were bought back. 


Boom's journey took over into the tiebreakers, as they resurrected themselves with a fast 33-minute win over Soniqs, accompanied by a dominant abolishment of BetBoom to finish the round-robin tiebreaker easily. 


Boom now advances to the playoffs, where they will face reigning champions Team Spirit in a best-of-one do-or-die game. 


Apart from Boom's wild week, Fnatic's path to the playoffs was stable. The finishing up day one with a 1-3 record, tied for last spot, but gradually gripped their way back up after day 2, finishing with a 5-5 record. 


By the third day, the team had swept China's Team Aster in two tight matches and was in assertion for the upper bracket. It was a nail-biter of a series, with Fnatic having to backdoor in Game 2 just to defeat the DPC's fifth-ranked team. 


Amidst the peaks of the early hours, they were swept by Talon in the series finale of the day. Despite the damage, the team remained in contention for an upper bracket spot upon defeating TSM on day four. The SEA juggernaut's luck ran out, as Thunder Predator's draw with Beastcoast was sufficient for the South American team to secure the final upper bracket spot with no tiebreakers. 


Fnatic would complete fifth in the group stage. They will encounter the Gaimin Gladiators of Group in a must-win playoff series. 


The International 2022 playoffs begin on Thursday, October 20, with groups from the upper bracket taking the field first and knockouts following later in the day. 



Upper Bracket R1



 Lower Bracket R1

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